Training and education for jobs with a social justice-related component

Drawing on the leadership, unique values and diverse cultures of the North, the Northern Institute of Social Justice focuses primarily on delivering short training courses and awareness sessions on a wide variety of topics.

Training courses

The Northern Institute of Social Justice (NISJ) works with local course developers and instructors from Yukon's private, public, non-government, and university sectors; and partners with other organizations to develop and deliver courses. Some of our courses include, but are not limited to, informed support for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD), suicide intervention, trauma and vicarious trauma.

The NISJ collaborates with the Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Society Yukon (FASSY) to deliver FASD-Informed Support; and with Hospice Yukon to deliver Grief and Frontline Professions, a course for frontline workers; and Supporting Your Staff through Loss and Grief, a course for managers.  

Yukon University's First Nations Initiatives Department and NISJ partner to deliver the Yukon First Nation (YFN) 101 online course and the in-person classroom course to Yukon University staff and students, governments, businesses and the public; and to deliver YFN History and Cultures to the Yukon RCMP.  

The Government of Yukon’s Department of Health and Social Services (H&SS) and NISJ work together to deliver information and training to the public, using distance education technology to reach rural communities through community campuses. A Diabetes Workshop series has been delivered three times; and Shine a Light on Dementia, a six-week training program, was recently offered to people caring for loved ones with dementia. A second delivery is planned.

NISJ and the Crisis and Trauma Resource Institute (CTRI), based in Winnipeg, partner to offer a number of CTRI courses in the Yukon.

Program description

The Northern Institute of Social Justice (NISJ) focusses primarily on delivering short (two to five-day) training courses and awareness sessions on areas of interest to frontline staff and others in their work with clients, colleagues and communities.  

NISJ courses may include students who work in different fields and organizations and who have different education and community experience but have common interests or challenges and a common training need. The institute meets this need with courses in administrative justice, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder, loss and grief, mental health, regulatory enforcement, suicide intervention, trauma, vicarious trauma, and Yukon First Nations history and cultures, to name a few. Residential School Awareness sessions have been delivered to the public and are also provided to governments and organizations upon request.

Some NISJ courses are also delivered to classes that include both frontline workers and members of the public who have a personal or professional interest in a particular topic.

Instructors of NISJ courses lead short, interactive in-person classroom courses that focus on the essential information, strategies and practical tools for working with clients, colleagues and communities in a Yukon context.  

Upon request, the NISJ develops and delivers courses customized to meet organization-specific needs.                


Health, Wellness, Trauma-Informed Practice

Title Campus Scheduled
ASIS 002 - Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training Whitehorse (Ayamdigut)
ASIS CE03 - Safe Talk
FASD 010 - FASD Informed Support
JUST 014 - Grief and the Frontline Professions Off-Campus
JUST 034 - Mental Health First Aid Canada for Northern Peoples
JUST 035 - Self-Regulating Behaviour Using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
JUST 048 - Supporting Your Staff Through Loss and Grief
JUST CE100 - Shine a Light on Dementia
JUST CE103 - Coping During Crisis
JUST CE105 - Loss in the Workplace
JUST CE106 - Caregiving Through Loss and Grief - For Frontline Professionals and Family Caregivers
JUST CE109 - Aging Well in Uncertain Times: A Workshop on Continuity, Wisdom, and Contribution
JUST CE110 - Become Suicide Aware: Notice.Act.Connect
JUST CE111 - Sit in My Puddle
JUST CE112 - Talking Tough (Topics)
JUST CE113 - Resiliency: The Art of Living, Working, and Connecting in Uncertain Times
JUST CE114 - Responding with Resilience
JUST CE119 - Wellness Strategies - Stress, Compassion Fatigue, and Resilience
JUST CE122 - Age-ing to Sage-ing
JUST CE123 - Steady In The Storm: Building Resilience For Changing Times
JUST CE124 - Understanding Intimate Partner Violence
JUST CE125 - Intimate Partner Violence & Family Law - Part 1
JUST CE126 - Intimate Partner Violence & Criminal Law
JUST CE129 - Frontline Skills for Social Services
JUST CE130 - Intimate Partner Violence & Family Law - Part 2
JUST CE131 - Introduction to Criminal Law and Gender-Based Violence - Part 1
JUST CE132 - Beyond the Binary: The Evolution of Gender
JUST CE67 - Right Use of Power
JUST CE72 - A Wellness Day
JUST CE79 - Introduction to Mindful Self-Compassion
JUST CE86 - Conscious Aging: Aging with Passion and Purpose Off-Campus
JUST CE98 - Compassion Informed Caregiving

Northern Institute of Social Justice

Yukon First Nations

Title Campus Scheduled
JUST 033 - Residential Schools Awareness
YFN 001 - Yukon First Nations 101 Whitehorse (Ayamdigut)