JUST CE103 - Coping During Crisis

Coping requires us to adjust and tolerate negative events and circumstances while attempting to maintain a positive outlook, self-image and our emotional equilibrium. Coping involves adapting to unusual demands, or stressors, and takes greater effort and the use of greater energy than is required by the daily routines of life. Covid-19 presents exceptional circumstances by which we live, manage significant stressors and maintain the ability to bounce back. This webinar will help participants understand stress, resilience and coping during times of stress and ongoing change and uncertainty.

This is a FREE 1-hour, introductory level webinar, delivered remotely via Zoom. It is intended for adults interested in learning about to cope during crisis and change.

Instructors: Liza Manolis and Brenda Jenner.

Registration deadline: September 7, 2023

This course has no upcoming sessions scheduled