Student research opportunities

Classroom-based and paid research opportunities in the field and the lab
Tristan and Steve July 2022

Teaming together for forest regeneration

YukonU instructors are researching the effectiveness of site preparation methods that may improve forest regeneration after harvesting in the southwest Yukon.
the team with a biodigester

Student uses skills from BBA program for internship with local business

Student Kaitlin Halickman helped predict the economic viability of a biodigester as part of her paid internship with the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program. 

Mavis and Tessie pose with artifacts

Students map the past with artifacts!

Student research assistants Mavis Chan and Tessie Aujla spent their summer cataloguing Beringian artifacts that have never before been found in Canada. Their valuable work was guided by YukonU instructor Norman Alexander Easton, a renowned Beringian archeologist who uncovered the significance of the Little John archaeological site in southwest Yukon.  

Chantelle Gervais poses for camera trap

Students study Chasàn Chùa on Ayamdigut campus!

YukonU students can study the biodiversity of McIntyre Creek (or Chasàn Chùa (Copper Creek) in Southern Tutchone) to learn how humans and wildlife utilize the area right on the Ayamdigut campus in Whitehorse!

We are a national leader in the number of paid student researchers, and we aim to hire more students every year. You can work with faculty or at the YukonU Research Centre to earn an income while completing your studies, learning invaluable skills and building your resume. We hire students all year round, so whether you are looking for something full-time or part-time, a summer job or a way to gain experience earn an income during the semester, we have the job for you.

Check out the current employment opportunities below. Not seeing what you're looking for? Check out the work of our faculty and staff and get in touch with us at 876 456 6986 so we can connect you with a potential employer.

Employment opportunities

Directed studies and funding

At Yukon University, research is integrated into many of our classroom experiences. You can also choose to work with faculty or at the Research Services Office to develop a research question and complete a directed study. 

Students can access funding opportunities through the Research Services Office. We offer the Scholarly Activity Grants, and access to the Northern Scientific Training Program.



Animal Care Committee - student representative

The Animal Care Committee (ACC) has a volunteer position for a student representative. The ACC meets 3 to 4 times annually and is responsible for ensuring the ethical use of animals in compliance with the guidelines and policies of the Canadian Council on Animal Care. The position requires a commitment of approximately 1-2 hours/month.  Meetings are held during regular work hours and are typically 2 hours in duration. This is a 1 year term with possibility for renewal.

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Facilities & equipment

The YukonU Research Centre Lab gives you the means to explore research projects, ideas, and questions within and outside of coursework using high quality analytical equipment. Our lab also houses permafrost samples from across Yukon, a Natural History Collections room with specimens from a range of taxa, and a staging area and processing room for field-based projects.  Yukon University also has a chemistry lab and a nursing lab, so you can conduct applied research in a variety of program areas.