Student research opportunities

Classroom-based and paid research opportunities in the field and the lab
Nina Vogt in the field

Permafrost thaw and vegetation change

Nina Vogt studied how permafrost thaw influences vegetation change in Yukon and Northwest Territories.
Nadele Flyn

Mapping climate change in trees

Nadele Flynn is researching how Boreal tree species are coping with a changing climate. 
Taylor in the YRC laboratory

Approval statistics for the Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Board

A YukonU student is researching how socio-economic and environmental impacts are considered in Yukon’s assessment process.
decommissioning trail camera

YukonU students study campus foxes 

YukonU students created a fox management plan in the Renewable Resources Management program.

We are a national leader in number of paid student researchers, and we aim to hire more students every year. You can work with faculty or at the YukonU Research Centre to earn an income while completing your studies, learning invaluable skills and building your resume. We hire students all year round, so whether you are looking for something full-time or part-time, a summer job or a way to gain experience earn an income during the semester, we have the job for you.

Check out the current employment opportunities below. Not seeing what you're looking for? Check out the work of our faculty and staff and get in touch with us at 876 456 6986 so we can connect you with a potential employer.

Employment opportunities

Directed studies and funding

At Yukon University, research is integrated into many of our classroom experiences. You can also choose to work with faculty or at the Research Services Office to develop a research question and complete a directed study. 

Students can access funding opportunities through the Research Services Office. We offer the Scholarly Activity Grants, and access to the Northern Scientific Training Program.



YukonSat CubeSat Project

This project provides hands on opportunities for students to be a part of a team to design, build and operate a cubeSat. Students can learn how to use the engineering design process to build a cubeSat payload. Students can utilize and learn skills including CAD, 3D printing, soldering & electrical assembly and project management as part of mechanical, electrical and systems engineering. We welcome students of any background and education to learn with us while building our cubeSat.

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Facilities & equipment

The YukonU Research Centre Lab gives you the means to explore research projects, ideas, and questions within and outside of coursework using high quality analytical equipment. Our lab also houses permafrost samples from across Yukon, a Natural History Collections room with specimens from a range of taxa, and a staging area and processing room for field-based projects.  Yukon University also has a chemistry lab and a nursing lab, so you can conduct applied research in a variety of program areas.