JUST CE100 - Shine a Light on Dementia

Are you providing care or helping to provide care for someone in your family member, friend or community who has dementia? Are you part of a team that is providing care, or are you the primary caregiver? Does the person you are caring for live in their own place, or live with you, or live in a care residence?

This FREE training program brings caregivers together to engage in meaningful conversations, share information and develop skills to provide quality care for people with dementia. The program consists of 6 sessions that are 2 hours long.

During this time, participants have an opportunity to explore a variety of topics, such as:
- Dementia: Onset, Development and Progression.
- Approaches and Strategies for Caregivers: What to do after a diagnosis?
- Grief Management and Self Care for Caregivers.
- Legal and Financial Matters: Advanced Care Directives, Substitute Decision Makers, Wills, and Power of Attorney.
- Palliative Care: Discussion of options and issues around death and dying.

This training is funded by the Centre for Aging + Brain Health Spark Program and is offered in partnership with Yukon Government, Health and Social Services, Continuing Care.

This course has no upcoming sessions scheduled