JUST CE75 - De-escalating Potentially Violent Situations

For those who work in an environment where there is potential for violence, it is important to develop the skills needed to defuse dangerous situations. This 1-day workshop is designed to teach people to de-escalate potentially violent situations through assertiveness and interpersonal communication. The training will explore how anger and violence interplay, including opportunities for self-assessment of personal communication styles. Participants will develop a clear understanding of how to assess the potential for violence and respond with a diverse set of interpersonal tools and strategies designed to defuse potentially violent situations. The workshop is intended for anyone wanting to learn more about violence and interpersonal strategies useful in de-escalating the imminent threats of violence.

At the end of this workshop, participants should be able to:

Understand the role of anger in violent incidents.
Identify their own styles of interaction.
Describe a framework for defusing potentially violent situations.
Identify potential risk factors.
Apply the principles learned to their own environment.

Topics include:

The Physical Violence Spectrum
Rating Your Workplace Risk Levels
Anger Cycle and Escalation
Anger Styles Assessment Questionnaire
Warning Signs of Potential for Violence
Approaching, Containment, and Problem-Solving Strategies
The Aggression Defusing Process
When and How to Disengage
Special Considerations for Unique Situations
Addressing Enablers of Violence

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