YukonU Research Centre

Yukon University has a unique focussnow sampling

on northern research and innovation.

At the YukonU Research Centre, we take pride in investigating distinctly northern questions while drawing on western science and Indigenous knowledge to create and share innovative northern solutions.

The following values guide our Centre:

  • different ways of knowing
  • fostering strong partnerships
  • supporting the development of exceptional student opportunities


Our research programs:

    Biodiversity Monitoring

    The Biodiversity Monitoring program is an action-oriented, faculty- and student-driven, field research project that has been tracking key indicators of change in Yukon's ecosystems for more than 40 years. 

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    Climate Change Research

    Our Climate Change Research team investigates the impacts of and adaptations to climate change, promotes and supports the exchange of local and scientific knowledge on the subject and offers decision-making support, policy options and education.

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    Research Chair in Indigenous Knowledge

    The Research Chair in Indigenous Knowledge aims to create foundations of Indigenous knowledge, experience, and ways of being in education and governance, to nurture social transformation.

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    Research Chair in Northern Energy Innovation

    An applied research program across northern Canada dedicated to making electrical power systems in northern communities more reliable, sustainable and better able to incorporate renewable energy.

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    Research Chair in Northern Mine Remediation

    Developing research leadership in the mining industry to address northern mining challenges and opportunities.

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    Research Chair in Permafrost and Geoscience

    The research program aims to provide the most reliable information needed to prepare for and address the impacts of a thawing permafrost on northern society. 

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    Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research (SPOR) +

    YukonU SPOR Support unit aims to transform patients/families/communities from passive recipients of health services into proactive partners who shape health research and health care.

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