Indigenous YukonU

Together, we thrive on the Traditional Territories of 14 Yukon First Nations.

At YukonU, we honour and respect the cultures, languages, heritage, Traditional Knowledge and worldviews of Yukon First Nations by proudly walking alongside them on their paths to self-determination and cultural revitalization.

In our commitment to decolonizing education, we infuse our programming, research, services and student life with Indigenous Traditional Knowledge, perspectives, and ways of knowing, being and doing.


 First Nations Initiatives

Dedicated to integrating an understanding and awareness of Yukon First Nation culture, traditions and history across YukonU.

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 Yukon First Nations Core Competency

Increase your understanding and awareness of Yukon First Nations history, culture and journey towards self-determination. 

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 Indigenous support services

We offer support to all Indigenous learners—from navigating university processes and First Nations funding to general inquiries and personal support.

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 Indigenous Governance

Programming that offers the skills, experience and knowledge you need to affect real change in the North, and beyond.

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 Elders on Campus

Elders on Campus share their experience and knowledge with us in classrooms and on the land—through beading circles, campfires, story telling and more!

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  Community. Collaboration. Research.

Our research draws on Western science and Indigenous Knowledge to share innovative northern solutions.

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