JUST CE111 - Sit in My Puddle

How do we support those we care about when they're in a bad place; when something terrible has happened to them; or even when they've just had a bad day?

We hate seeing people we care about struggle. We want to fix things. We want to cheer them up! So what do we often do? We hurl a ton of solutions at them. We provide un-asked for advice, share what we would do to fix things. Contrary to what we're trying really hard to do, these things are often not what our person needs and even leave them feeling more alone and unheard.

This workshop introduces you to a concept we call 'sit in my puddle'. Learn why solution giving isn't always what someone needs. Learn techniques for holding space for someone and how to become more comfortable with 'just being' in the moment with the person. Better understand how allowing someone to sit in the uncomfortable (puddle), is actually what will move them forward.

This workshop will run 1.5hrs with approximately an hour of content with room for discussion and questions during at the end of the workshop.

Registration deadline: March 21, 20224

This course has no upcoming sessions scheduled