JUST 019 - Understanding Legislation

This workshop introduces non-lawyers to the theory and practice of interpreting legislation and regulations. No previous course work in law is required to take this course.

Who is this for? If you are new to working with legislation and regulations, or if you want to expand your understanding of the purpose, development and application of these tools, this training may meet your needs.

What is the purpose? In this one-day training, you will work through the following areas: The sources of law; Researching the law in relation reading and understanding statutes; and How to interpret actual statues and prepare draft rules or policies.

What is involved? Training will be delivered in seven short modules.

The Basics – Modules 1-6: Modules 1-6 will provide you with background useful to reading, understanding and working with legislation and regulations.
Module 1 Sources of law and statutes
Module 2 Legal research for legislation and regulations
Module 3 Legislative development, elements and review
Module 4 Roles and Rules
Module 5 Terms, Meanings, Conventions and Applications
Module 6 Specific Rules of Interpretation

Applying the Basics – Module 7: Module 7 offers an opportunity to practice drafting guidelines or policies and share what is learned during that exercise.
Module 7 Class Practice, Review and Discussion

Instructor: Bruce Willis

JUST 019
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