Research services

What can the Research Services Office help with?

The Research Services Office (RSO) supports research and scholarly activity from beginning to end. The RSO fosters a culture of scholarly inquiry across all our campuses.  

Our services include:

  • assisting with the development of research ideas
  • providing information on sources of project funding
  • administering grants and awards
  • access to lab space, equipment and collections
  • ethics services and support
  • communicating and celebrating research and scholarly activity

Need some inspiration developing your research or scholarly activity idea?

You have a research or scholarly activity idea - now what?


Step 1: Have a neat project idea?

We'll help you develop your research question and get you thinking about other project considerations, like:

  • time and workload
  • funding and budget
  • infrastructure requirements 
  • student/contractor hiring
  • reporting and dissemination of information 
  • Will your research deal with humans or animals?
Step 2: Funding your project

We'll work with you to find and apply for both internal and external funding. 

  • Available Internal Grants (1 year funding term):
  • External funding may be available from:
    • Municipal, Territorial and First Nations Governments
    • Federal Government departments 
    • Foundations
    • Industry partners
    • University partners 
    • Tri Councils – NSERC, SSHRC, CIHR
    • Private donor, through YukonU Foundation

**Please note: applications for funding over $50,000 must be approved by the Financial Administration Committee [BH1] prior to development and submission. The Research Services Office can help facilitate this process. 

Step 3: Other considerations

We'll help you navigate ethics and assist you with working on the land and with communities. 

flow chart

Step 4: Funding came through (or didn't) -- now what?

We'll help you get your project underway or assist with revisions to your funding application.

  • Congrats, your funding came through! Let's work together to:
    • inform communications department 
    • start a research account with Research Services Office
    • understand hiring and purchasing associated with research projects
    • develop partnership agreements and sub-contracts
    • understand how to administer travel 
    • monitor your budget
    • report on your project to your funder 
    • update your Open Scholar page to inform folks of your exciting new project
    • ensure photos and videos of your project are collected  with the appropriate consent forms and captions
  • Your funding did not come through. Let's work on:
    • evaluating your proposal and providing feedback
    • informing the Financial Administration Committee and closing out your Project Identification Form
    • checking out other funding opportunities
    • working on developing a new idea
Step 5: Project wrap up

We'll help you through the final stages of your project, such as: 

  • closing accounts
  • final reporting
  • financial reporting
  • dissemination of results
    • communications
    • publishing
    • Yukon University repository
    • photos/videos upload
    • update Open Scholar with publication, links and any other information

Get in touch

We have the expertise to support your research and scholarly activity needs through our in-house experts and circumpolar connections. Contact us at 867 456 6986 and visit our YukonU experts directory.