As research leaders, we create and share knowledge that helps us understand the world around us.

Through partnership and increased student research opportunities, we are building a stronger, more resilient north - where we all thrive, together.

YukonU Research Stories

Anna Smith

Monitoring permafrost degradation with drones

Anna Smith used drone surveys to monitor permafrost degradation throughout the territory as a student research assistant with our Permafrost and Geoscience research program.
Inderjeet Kaur

Student promotes sustainable energy consumption in the North

Inderjeet Kaur, a student research assistant is developing a campaign to inform and encourage Yukoners to conserve energy at specific times throughout the colder winter days.
video shot

Exploring sustainable home heating with warmed bricks   

Over 40 Yukoners are participating in an experiment on sustainable home heating with support from our researchers.

Significant hydrological events of 2021

The unusual hydrological events of 2021 throughout the territory caught Yukoners attention and Dr. Benoit Turcotte summarized the significance of this activity on his blog. 
The Northern Review

The Northern Review is a peer-reviewed open access journal publishing research and book reviews that explore human experience in, and thought about, the North, including the territorial and provincial Norths of Canada and the Circumpolar North.

Cover of the Northern Review number 52 | 2021

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Number 52 | 2021
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December 2021