As research leaders, we create and share knowledge that helps us understand the world around us.

Through partnership and increased student research opportunities, we are building a stronger, more resilient north - where we all thrive, together.

YukonU Research Stories

Cody presenting at SFN wellness event in February 2023

Communities identify their health research needs

Cody MacInnis is engaging with First Nations communities north of Whitehorse to form advisory groups of People with Lived Experience (PWLE) who can then identify community health research needs and drive projects from an inside perspective through his role as YSPOR’s First Nations Community Research Coordinator. 


International student, to researcher, to lab technician

Inderjeet Kaur arrived at YukonU as an international student and is now teaching introductory chemistry and running the YukonU Research Centre lab!
Anna Billowits

Collaborative health research

Master's student Anna Billowits believes that health-related research can be made relevant and useful to everyone through collaboration.
Sara and David

Understanding food insecurity in Yukon communities 

YukonU researchers are assessing food security in the Yukon by looking at the effects of food hamper distributions to communities during the pandemic. 

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The Northern Review

The Northern Review is a peer-reviewed open access journal publishing research and book reviews that explore human experience in, and thought about, the North, including the territorial and provincial Norths of Canada and the Circumpolar North.


Current issue

Number 53 | 2022

Special Issue:
Indigenous Self-Determination through Mitho Pimachesowin: Perspectives from Northern Saskatchewan
Guest Editor: Bonita Beatty, University of Saskatchewan
INDG 410/810 Open Textbook

Cover: Kiwetinohk Pimachesowin (Northern Way of Life) | Photo Bonita Beatty

This issue was funded in part by the Gwenna Moss Centre for Teaching and Learning, University of Saskatchewan