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Through partnership and increased student research opportunities, we are building a stronger, more resilient north - where we all thrive, together.

YukonU Research Stories

Dr. Jill Johnstone

Black spruce forests becoming less resilient following wildfires

Researchers found a decrease in the ability of black spruce to recover following fire, which is unexpected because it is considered a fire-adapted species.  
radon testing

Radon and Yukon well water 

Many Yukoners are familiar with measuring radon in our homes but what about our water? Our researchers spent the summer examining Yukon well water.
Borehole with antennae

Permafrost warning system for northern highways 

Our permafrost researchers are monitoring ground temperature that will signal an early warning system if there is a sudden increase in temperature that could put the highway at risk. 
Archaeological field work

Aging one of the oldest archaeological sites in the Yukon

Michael Grooms wants to understand the unique geological context of one of the oldest archaeological sites in the Yukon.