As research leaders, we create and share knowledge that helps us understand the world around us.

Through partnership and increased student research opportunities, we are building a stronger, more resilient north - where we all thrive, together.

YukonU Research Stories

Tristan and Steve July 2022

Teaming together for forest regeneration

YukonU instructors are researching the effectiveness of site preparation methods that may improve forest regeneration after harvesting in the southwest Yukon.
the team with a biodigester

Student uses skills from BBA program for internship with local business

Student Kaitlin Halickman helped predict the economic viability of a biodigester as part of her paid internship with the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program. 

Mavis and Tessie pose with artifacts

Students map the past with artifacts!

Student research assistants Mavis Chan and Tessie Aujla spent their summer cataloguing Beringian artifacts that have never before been found in Canada. Their valuable work was guided by YukonU instructor Norman Alexander Easton, a renowned Beringian archeologist who uncovered the significance of the Little John archaeological site in southwest Yukon.  

Dr. Liris Smith in front of the Ayamdigut Campus in Whitehorse

Barriers for northern communities in accessing rehabilitation services

Dr. Liris Smith recently published an article in Frontiers in Rehabilitation Sciences outlining challenges that many Yukon First Nation communities face when trying to access physical therapy services.

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