JUST CE131 - Introduction to Criminal Law and Gender-Based Violence - Part 1

Gender-Based Violence and Criminal Law: Part One

Note: This webinar is a prerequisite for anyone wishing to take Part Two, which explores some of the challenges with criminal law and court in cases involving GBV.

Intended for frontline workers who encounter clients dealing with gender-based violence (GBV) in their lives as well as for members of the general public who may be neighbours, friends or family members of people who have been victimized by GBV, this webinar provides an overview of the criminal law response to GBV.

Topics to be covered in this webinar will include:

• What the criminal law can and cannot do in cases of GBV
• Criminal offences related to GBV
• The steps in a criminal case
• The players in the criminal system and their roles
• Standard of proof in criminal court
• The role of the victim/survivor
• How the victim can prepare for court
• Services connected with criminal court
• What happens after court is over

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