JUST CE98 - Compassion Informed Caregiving

Being a caregiver or parent is a tough job and one of our most precious responsibilities. Babies, toddlers, children, teens and young adults require our presence, our discipline, our insights and our conscious state of mind!

This 1-day introductory-level workshop is intended for caregivers, parents and frontline workers interested in learning about Compassion-informed Caregiving. The purpose is to assist anyone working with children, youth and young adults in understanding, expanding and applying the basic principles and approaches of Compassion-Informed Caregiving.

This interactive workshop includes a presentation, videos, personal reflection exercises and small group discussions. The workshop is designed to leave participants with:

• a thorough understanding of Compassion-Informed Caregiving
• an understanding of stress responses and their impact on the brain, learning, behavior, and development
• awareness of the relationship between self and caregiving, and how this awareness can be transformative
• several strategies and increased confidence to support Compassion-Informed Caregiving.

The workshop is not intended or designed to provide individual or group counselling or treatment.

This course has no upcoming sessions scheduled