Vision and mission

The NISJ opened in January 2010 and is currently focused on delivering short training courses and awareness sessions on a wide-variety of social-justice related topics to:

  • frontline workers and others in governments, non-government organizations, businesses; 
  • members of quasi-judicial boards and tribunals; and
  • members of the general public.  


Northerners, working together, have solutions to the social justice challenges facing themselves and their communities.


Drawing on the leadership, unique values and diverse cultures of the North, the NISJ delivers integrated training and education programs and encourages support for related research to:

  • help employers develop, retain and attract a well-qualified workforce;
  • help individuals develop careers; and
  • provide tools to help support community leadership, capacity development and transformation of service delivery.

Guiding principles

There are many definitions of social justice. The NISJ defines it as a lens through which we see the challenges facing individuals, families and communities; and a way of responding to what we see that:

  • values working together to find solutions,
  • is grounded in reality, respect and resilience, and
  • moves people to equality of opportunity and outcome.

The following principles guide the NISJ in carrying out its work:

  1. partnerships and collaboration to support program development;
  2. respect for cultural diversity and unique knowledge and skills, innovation, and evidence-based practice;
  3. holistic and creative approaches to social justice as part of overall community wellness;
  4. programs that are relevant, accredited, recognized; and
  5. learner-centred and community-based approaches to program development and delivery.