JUST CE118 - Motivational Interviewing

It is common for people to struggle and experience ambivalence when considering making a change or when others may be expecting them to make one. When those working in helping roles encounter this ambivalence in their clients, it is often interpreted as resistance and they may feel unable to respond in an effective way. By exploring the framework and strategies of Motivational Interviewing, this workshop will provide new ways to facilitate the change process in the people they work with. Motivational Interviewing is a method for helping people find their internal motivation for finding solutions to their problems. Participants will learn strategies that start from a place of empathy and draw on the client’s personal motivation to create their own goals for change.

At the end of this workshop, participants should be able to:

• Describe the principles of Motivational Interviewing
• Recognize ambivalence and resistance
• Identify change talk in clients
• Identify strategies that support a client’s own motivation

Instructor: Crisis and Trauma Resource Institute, Ofelia Tatu

Earlybird registration deadline November 10, 2023 - $269+GST
Registration deadline November 24, 2023 - $299+GST

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