JUST CE110 - Become Suicide Aware: Notice.Act.Connect

It is unfortunately common to know someone who has lost their life due to suicide or has had suicidal behaviours or thoughts. Whether you have family and friends you're concerned about, you've personally struggled, or you work in a professional capacity with people needing support; this workshop is for everyone!

We will introduce you to the topic of suicide, complete with myths, facts and stats. We then dig into the questions that most people have about suicide; what are the warning signs? How can I tell if someone is at risk? If someone is at risk, what do I do next? How do I ask if they need help? Finally ensuring that we're able to connect people in need to those who can help ensure safety for now.

This workshop will run 1.5hrs with approximately an hour of content with room for discussion and questions during and at the end of the workshop.

This course has no upcoming sessions scheduled