Honorary credentials

Honorary credentials are the most prestigious academic award the University can offer. They are reserved for individuals who have made a significant and lasting contribution at the community, local level, at the global level, or anywhere in between. 

It is an academic award that reflects the highest ideals and values of Yukon University, recipients shall exemplify qualities that embrace diversity, respect, excellence, accountability, integrity, leadership, or service.

The credential is presented as part of our annual Convocation Ceremony to inspire our students, graduates, and the community as a whole.

Recent Recipients
  • Ivan Coyote, Doctor of Arts (2023)
  • Colleen James (2022)
  • Mary Jane Moses (2022)
  • Lawrence David Joe – Kätänayeátá (2021)
  • Rolf Hougen (2021)
  • Dave Joe - Daka (2020)
  • Audrey McLaughlin (2020)