Our brand


Our brand reflects the characteristics of Yukon University (YukonU) and our promise to the university community.

Yukon University encourages self-determination, belonging & innovation as we strive to create a Yukon Thriving Together. We show Northern Strength in everything we do, and we will be described as Ambitious, Interconnected, Warm, Flexible, Vibrant and Grounded.

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Our purpose

Yukon thriving together

We want to preserve, enrich and grow the Yukon.​ And we will work tirelessly for the good of the territory, and for all the people within it. We value our northern environment, cultures, society and economies.


Our promise

Encouraging self-determination, belonging & innovation

We honour the cultures and heritage of Yukon First Nations, and we value the contributions of traditional knowledge and Indigenous world views. We embrace change, opportunity and discovery to cultivate a collaborative learning environment that is learner-centered. 


Our spirit

Northern strength

Life in the North is wild. It is challenging. It is demanding. It inspires a sense of resilience and resourcefulness.  We are responsive to the needs of the North, and we equip students with the skills necessary to sustain a prosperous north.


YukonU logo

Our logo: A stylized crocus 

As the first flower to bloom every spring, the crocus captures the resiliency, passion and positivity we strive to inspire in our students and communities. Like us, it doesn’t thrive in spite of the harsh conditions of the North — it thrives because of them. Its rich purple reflects the colour of the Northern Lights and symbolizes our vibrant communities and collective sense of pride.

The Yukon University crocus is a bold symbol of our deep roots and connection to the many distinct Communities of our varied campuses that make up the Yukon, and the tailored learning opportunities and programs we provide that allows everyone to flourish, to preserve, thrive and grow the Yukon, together.

In an environment that is often cold and unrelenting, the crocus and Yukon University are beacons of the unique combination of community, connection and determination that can only grow in the North. 

Bringing the brand to life: Naturally inspiring. Uniquely Yukon. 

We are deeply connected to the lands on which we live and inspired by the diverse and unique nature of Yukon. Our graphic devices and colour palette combine the hues of the Northern Lights with the unique natural elements of the North to bring a harmonious, bold and vibrant brand to life.

YukonU graphic elements