Institutional publications, plans and reports

Strategic Plan

The 2022-2027 Strategic Plan is is our road map to becoming Yukon University—to realizing the promise and potential of being Canada’s first university North of 60.

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Academic Plan

Yukon University’s Academic Plan advances the bold and aspirational vision of our Strategic Plan. It deepens our commitment to offering programs and research in the North that contribute to a prosperous, inclusive and sustainable future for northern communities and reinforces the importance of trades training, access programs, lifelong learning and community programs at Yukon University.

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Viewbook 2023/24

YukonU, Canada’s first university North of 60°, offers education, training and research that will equip you to seize opportunities, think boldly and lead positive change in your community, and beyond.

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Yukon University Statistics

Includes fast facts covering annual student enrolment figures, graduation statistics and in-class student survey results.

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Land Use Plan

The Ayamdigut Campus Master Plan was initiated to provide a bold, innovative direction to optimize the potential of the institution. It builds on the Strategic Plan and the Education Plan to reflect our unique aspirations.

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Yukon College Socioeconomic Profile 2016

The purpose of this study is to first quantify the direct and secondary economic impacts of Yukon College through its spending and employment as well as student and visitor off-campus spending.

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