JUST CE67 - Right Use of Power

This is a two-day training experience for personal and professional development. Empowering, relevant and dynamic, this program is presented through talks, discussions and experiential practices. It is especially relevant for psychotherapists, counselors, coaches, teachers, medical professionals, body workers, consultants, leaders, social workers, and clergy.

Right use of power is at the very heart of ethics. We long for, and are capable of magnificence in the use of our personal and professional power. And we have all been wounded by misuses of power. The Right Use of Power approach to ethics is dynamic and engaging, and recognizes that the issues of power in helping relationships are complex. Linking power with heart, this program focuses on increasing skillfulness, engagement, and awareness. It is ethics from the inside out. Two days chock-full of interesting, engaging, practical, and even life-changing processes and materials.

Learn how to:

Stay in your heart while standing in your strength.
Learn about your power style and some power parameters.
Practice a simple process for resolving conflict and repairing torn relationships.
Handle challenging interactions when there is a power difference.
De-activate the things that stand in your way.
Learn essential skills for using power with ethical wisdom and skill.

Participants have said:

"I will lean into conflict with more skill.
I will be more ethically pro-active.
I will see the positive potential in down-power roles.
I will be more aware of the shadow aspects of power.
I will campaign for the idea that power is not awful and that the power differential serves a valuable purpose.
I will own my power, both personal and role, and say a full yes to it.
I will use the four dimensions of power in so many situations."


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