Yukon University recognizes that prejudice, discrimination and violence are the reality for Black, Indigenous and racially minoritized people in Canada. We stand unified in the recognition that changes to systemic practices that discriminate, must begin to be made. We commit to working with faculty and staff to articulate a path forward for Yukon University.  We recognize that there is no defined road map to proceed; but together we must determine actions that accelerate the required change. We will determine a path that will combat systemic racism and work to unveil and undo unconscious bias.   

This work will begin once the new President, Mike DeGagné arrives in early July. Please join us on this journey of growth and change. 


Board of Governors Chair, David Morrison

Outgoing President, Dr. Karen Barnes

Incoming President, Dr. Mike DeGagné

WHITEHORSE, YT— Yukon University’s Northern Energy Innovation (NEI) research program placed third in the IEEE Electrical and Computer Engineering Capstone Competition for its work on the Arviat Power System Impact Study in Nunavut. NEI is one of seven winners to be acknowledged for their exceptional contribution in the jurisdiction of Northern Alberta and all three territories. 

Online registration enables you to check course availability, select courses and register from the comfort of your personal computer.

As you register, the new online portal notifies you of pre- and co-requisite courses, schedule conflicts and tuition totals. When complete, you can print their class schedule. 

WHITEHORSE, YT—220 graduates from 32 certificate, diploma and degree programs make up the first graduating class of Yukon University, Canada’s first university north of 60°.

The YukonU class of 2020 includes 55 students graduating with honours, and the first graduates from the Bachelor of Arts in Indigenous Governance, Community Education and Employment Support, Climate Change Policy, and Yukon First Nations Arts programs. Twenty-two students are graduating from the Practical Nurse and Health Care Assistant programs.

Given the challenges of celebrating in person this year, Yukon University is inviting graduates, their families, friends and the wider community to join a digital celebration to recognize and applaud the hard work, commitment and accomplishments of the class of 2020. Full details can be found at

WHITEHORSE, YT—In anticipation of the continuation of many current COVID-19 restrictions, YukonU has rolled out a plan for the delivery of its credit

WHITEHORSE, YT—Yukon University branded clothing and accessories are now available to purchase online from the YukonU Campus Store.

Tshirts, hoodies, hats, mugs, water bottles, bags, notebooks and USB flash drives adorned with the YukonU logo are available in various designs and colours.

Students and Employees are eligible for a special launch offer of 10% off YukonU products (with valid ID).




WHITEHORSE, YT—Yukon now has a university and Canada has a university north of 60°.

Guided by Yukon communities and the 14 Yukon First Nations, Yukon University (YukonU) is grounded in reconciliation and the northern experience.

With over 50 degree, diploma, certificate, trades and university prep programs, YukonU will continue the tradition of northern-focused education, training and applied research established by Yukon College, while expanding opportunities for northerners.  

WHITEHORSE, YT—The Yukon University Foundation launched a new giving circle campaign today to mark #GivingTuesdayNOW.  

The SOS (Support Our Students) North giving circle campaign is raising funds to support students and recent graduates into the spring and summer with food security, increased access to the student Emergency Fund, as well as access to mental health and Elder on Campus supports via phone, email or video conference technology. 

“Normally, at this point in the school year students are leaving to take on summer jobs or start a new career. This year is unprecedented. For many, part-time work has ended due to the pandemic and summer employment is unavailable, leaving students unable to meet their basic needs,” said Wally Rude, Registrar and Dean of Enrolment Services. 

WHITEHORSE, YT—Despite response measures to the COVID-19 pandemic ending face-to-face classes and workshop access, all five Yukon College Pre-Apprentice Millwright students successfully completed the program this term.

Cody Joe, Glen Carpenter, Fathallah Bouchama, Marshall Michaud and Aaron Mendelsohn are now eligible to be hired as Level One Millwright Apprentices.

“This was a strong cohort of students. They were very committed to the program and remained so even after we switched to online delivery,” said Logan Sherk, Millwright instructor.

According to Sherk, by the time pandemic response measures were initiated, students had completed most workshop projects and all theory components. Continuing the program meant a switch to online assignments and quizzes to ensure they retained key knowledge. It also meant that planned final projects were not completed.

WHITEHORSE, YT—Thanks to United Way Yukon, 48 Yukon College students have received $25 grocery gift cards to assist them during the COVID-19 pandemic response. 

Cards went to students identified by faculty or through contact with the student support case manager as needing additional support at this time.  

United Way Yukon (UWY) donated 50 gift cards as part of its COVID Community Response campaign. Working through community partners, the cards empower individuals affected by COVID restrictions to make choices that best meet their immediate needs, whether it’s food, prescription drugs, cleaning supplies or clothes. 

"COVID-19 has affected everyone and we all need help to stay in good health. I am very grateful to the United Way. I got to buy fresh veggies this week because of their generosity — thank you," said a student who wished to remain anonymous. 

WHITEHORSE, YT— Today, Yukon College Innovation & Entrepreneurship (I&E) launched PIVOT., a new program to help local companies minimize the effects of COVID-19. The program is designed to support Yukon businesses of all sizes and stages during the global pandemic and beyond. PIVOT. was developed in partnership and supported by the Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency (CanNor) and Government of Yukon, Department of Economic Development.

WHITEHORSE, YT—Today, Yukon College becomes the first territorial post-secondary institution to launch an online registration option for academic students and registration opens for fall semester programs. 

“Online registration increases self-serve opportunities for students. Once successfully admitted into a program, it is a faster, independent way for students to research, build and register the course pathway of their choosing. Most post-secondary institutions in southern Canada now offer online registration and we are pleased to introduce this for our students,” said Wally Rude, registrar and dean of Enrolment Services.  

Online registration enables students to check course availability, select courses and register from the comfort of their personal computer. As students register, the new online portal notifies them of pre- and co-requisite courses, schedule conflicts and tuition totals. When complete, students can print their class schedule.