image from Yukon University brand video showing logo and May 2020

WHITEHORSE—Yukon University, soon to be Canada’s first university North of 60, unveiled its new identit


(L-R) Iris Binger, Christine Spencer, Nicole Lamb

                                                                                                        (L-R) Iris Binger, Christine Spencer, Nicole Lamb

WHITEHORSE— Earlier this month, The Association of Canadian Universities for Northern Studies (ACUNS) announced their 2019-2020 academic awards. This year, they announced ten winners from the Northwest Territories and Yukon, three of whom are Yukon College students.

YIP cheque presentation
(l-r) Minister Pillai, Thomas Jaquin, Cody Reaume, Lauren Manekin Beille.

WHITEHORSE— The Honourable Ranj Pillai, Minister of Economic Development for the Government of Yukon, has announced Cody Reaume and Thomas Jaquin and their company, Phylo Technologies, as the winner of the 2019 Yukon Innovation Prize.


Photo cred: The team starting their field work. From left to right: Andreas Richter, Peter Charlie, George Tanski, Louis-Philippe Roy, Jöelle Voglimacci-Stéphanopoli and Vincent Sasseville

Louis-Philippe Roy stands at the edge of the Arctic Ocean on the northernmost edge of Yukon, Canada. The untrained eye may see only an expanse of ice and snow, broken by a few muskoxen. Yet, Louis-Philippe knows the ground below him is unstable—thawing at an alarming rate. Where he stands, the coastline of Qikiqtaruk or Herschel Island, is falling into the sea. Permafrost, the frozen ground that has served as the island’s foundation for millennia is thawing, taking cultural history with it.

WHITEHORSE—Applications and registrations are now open for the new Yukon First Nations Art certificate program at Yukon College. The program starts this September at Ayamdigut campus.

Students will receive hands-on instruction in beadwork, sewing, traditional footwear, carving, and fine craftwork. Courses also include English, Math, product development and exploration of the skills and characteristics to develop a career producing high-quality traditional and contemporary arts and crafts.

cibc cheque

WHITEHORSE— CIBC has stepped forward to become a lead supporter marking the transition of Yukon College to Yukon University, Canada’s first university north of 60, taking place in May 2020.

It is our pleasure to announce that our very own Dr. Guillaume Nielsen has been awarded the NSERC Industrial Research Chair for Colleges in Northern Mine Remediation, a $900,000 over 5 year term! NSERC (Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council) made the announcement official today in the below media release and can also be found HERE. More details on other institutions can also be found HERE.


We are working with Guillaume and our industrial mining partners to plan a media event in September. Stay tuned!


MOU signing


WHITEHORSE— Today, the Government of Yukon and Yukon College signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) which aims to raise awareness of Yukon job opportunities among eligible international students. 

The document formalizes a partnership between the Government of Yukon and Yukon College in this regard. It was signed by the Honourable Ranj Pillai, minister of Economic Development for the Government of Yukon, and Dr. Karen Barnes, president and vice-chancellor of Yukon College. 

Andrew Kalek and Ben Sanders (left) on stage with other Pitch@Palace winners and runners-up and Prince Andrew, Duke of York (centre), last week in Toronto. (Photo credit: Pitch@Palace)

WHITEHORSEProof, a Yukon-based start-up that has developed a paperless approval system for government documents, has earned a place in the Pitch@Palace Global Competition in London, UK. Proof and O2 Canada, an Ontario-based company, tied for the top national spot.

flags at Ayamdigut campus

"Yukon College is proud to fly the Pride flag at Ayamdigut campus as a visual demonstration of our commitment to honoring diversity and inclusion. This action also reflects Yukon College’s Institutional Value of Inclusiveness and Diversity.

WHITEHORSE—Alumni, former and current instructors and program coordinators of the Yukon Native Teacher Education Program (YNTEP) will gather Friday to celebrate 30 years since the first students began classes. 

Wendy Tayler

WHITEHORSE—Wendy Tayler, dynamic Yukon entrepreneur and business leader, will address the class of 2019 graduating students at Yukon College convocation on Thursday, May 23.