Applicants must apply for ethics review before the start of the study. A Certificate of Ethics Approval must be obtained from the REB before the research begins. Approvals are valid for 1 year and must be renewed if activities involving human participants continue beyond the approval end date.  Renewals must be submitted at least 2 months prior to this date. Researchers are responsible for ensuring that they are in compliance with all research ethics requirements and all forms are submitted prior to deadlines.  YukonU does not have automated reminders. 

Note that the REB cannot retroactively review research involving humans.

Form 1A – Application for Research Ethics Review
  • This form is for researchers who will be doing studies that involve human participants.  You will need to complete the full application and attach all supporting documents as one file.
Form 1B – Student Application for Research Ethics Review
  • This form is for undergraduate students to complete if you are a student doing research that involves the collection of data from human participants.This form is for minimal risk studies.
Form 2 – Instructor Application for Course-Based Research Ethics Review
  • This form is for instructors to complete if they are teaching a course where independent data collection by students is involved.
  • Course designation may be for up to 3 years but instructors must still renew annually by submitting the course-based renewal form (Form 3). You must confirm that the course based research will be continuing, provide information on what has been done and that no changes are being made.  If changes are made at any time to the protocol a study modification form must be submitted before any changes are implemented.
  • **Note: This form is not for honours projects, independent study projects, or individually supervised projects. For these type of studies use the application for research ethics review (Form 1).

Form 3 – Course-based Project Renewal or Closure 
  • Research projects can only be given ethics approval for one year.
  • Renewal: If the Research Ethics Board (REB) was informed on the original application for review that the course based research would continue for a number of years for this course, please use this form to report to the REB the project status. If any changes will be made please also complete the study modification form (Form 4).
  • Closure: If this course based study is now complete or being terminated you should also use this form and fill in Sections A and D.
Form 4 – Study Modification (Amendment) Form
  • This form is required to request changes to a previously approved application for research ethics review. If you are changing any part of the study (e.g. consent forms, protocols, procedures, co-investigators, title, funding, surveys, questionnaires, data management etc.) you must submit a study modification request.
  • Amendments to previously approved research studies must be reviewed and approved by the YukonU REB before any changes to the protocol/study details, consent forms, research instruments or any other are implemented.
  • To request an amendment to a previous application, you must also make changes to your original application and indicate where those changes were made (use bold, italics, colored font or highlighted to indicate changes). The amended application will replace your initial application in its entirety, so be sure to include all supporting documentation that remains relevant.  In addition to your amended application and Form 4, please submit a cover letter summarizing the changes made in point form. 
Form 5A –  REB Reporting – Annual Renewal (Continuing Review)
  • Research projects can only be given ethics approval for one year as per article 6.14 of the Tri-Council Policy Statement (TCPS 2). If the REB was informed on the original application for review that the project would take longer than a year, please use this form to report to the REB the project status.
  • If any changes will be made please also complete the study modification (amendment) form. 
  • There is a limit of four renewals for projects, after which researchers must submit an application to the REB.
Form 5B- REB Final Reporting- Study Closure 
  • This form is required for the completion or termination of an YukonU REB approved study.

Form 6 –  Request to Release Funds
  • This form is used if the Principal Investigator would like access a portion of their research funding for activities that will not involve human participants or animal subjects.
  • The three national granting councils (SSHRC, NSERC and CIHR) and other research funding organizations state that institutions cannot release funds for research projects involving human participants or for animal use until the projects receive research ethics approval.
  • The release of funds process enables researchers to access the funds before any human or animal involvement in the research. NO research that will involve human participants or animals can begin until full research ethics review and approval has been obtained. 
  • If you would like to use funding for expenses prior to research ethics approval complete this form and submit to the REB or Animal Care Committee. You should contact the Research Services Office to confirm eligible expenses.
Form 7 –  Adverse Event/Unexpected Problems
  • Adverse effects or unexpected problems resulting from the research that places participants or others at a greater risk than projected in the original approved application must be reported to the REB immediately by submitting this form.
  • This form should be completed immediately when any adverse event or unanticipated problem occurs in the research.
Form 8 – Confirmation of Instructor/Supervisor Review of Student Research
Form 9 – Scholarly Merit Review Form
  • This form is for research that is either unfunded, funded by agencies or sponsors that do not use peer review or for research which represents pilot or research for students, the researcher may be asked to provide the REB with proof that the proposed “above minimal risk” research has undergone an internal scientific review. Student thesis research would generally have a departmental proposal defense process that would meet the requirements for internal scientific review (use Form 8 for student research)
Form 10 - Application for Exemption from REB review
Appeals process
  • Details of the appeals process and steps to be taken are summarized here.
  • A framework for cooperation between Aurora College's Research Ethics Committee and the Yukon University Research Ethics Board was established in January 2016 to provide support on appeals. This allows for a designated external committee to review research ethics appeals should it be necessary