Policies, procedures, and research regulations

Yukon University
YukonU REB SOP's
Yukon University Research Ethics Board (REB) Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's)

This section provides a list of Yukon University REB SOPs that apply to research involving human subjects. This has been adapted from the N2/CAREB-ACCER REB SOPs. 

Glossary of Terms

Section 100: General Administration

Section 200: REB Organization

Section 300: Functions and Operations

Section 400:  Reviews of Research

Section 500: Reviews Requiring Special Consideration

Section 600: REB Communication and Notification

Section 700: Informed Consent

Section 800: Responsibilities of Investigators

Section 900: Quality Management


NOTE:  If you are planning on doing research in the Yukon, Northwest Territories or Nunavut you require a research license before doing any work.


Yukon Scientists and Explorers Licence applications available at the Department of Tourism and Culture, email scientists.explorers@gov.yk.ca or phone the manager of Museums and Heritage 867-667-3660 or toll free 1-800-661-0408 ext. 3660

Northwest Territories

Scientific Research Licence that is administered by the Aurora Research Institute, Scientific Services Office in Inuvik, NT email: licence@nwtresearch.com


Scientific Research Licence that is administered by the Nunavut Research Institute, Manager-Research Liaison in Iqaluit, NU  email: mosha.cote@arcticcollege.ca