Steps to ethics approval

Step 1- Complete the appropriate application form

Full application (Form 1A)

  • For projects that involve vulnerable populations or present risks to participants greater than what they would normally encounter in their everyday lives.
  • For projects that do not involve more risks for participants than they face in their everyday lives.  Indicate that this should be considered a minimal risk application on the appropriate sections of the form.
  • For projects where the lead researcher is from another institution and has already secured ethics clearance from their home institution. 
  • For projects where the lead researcher is from another institution and has already secured clearance from that institution.

Note: All applications should be reviewed by your Dean prior to submitting to the REB

Course application (Form 2)

  • Instructors to complete this form to allow students to conduct small research projects as part of the pedagogical requirements of their course.
  • If students are completing an independent research project, they will also need to complete the Full application (Form 1)

Request to release funds (Form 6)

  • To secure the release of your project’s funding before you are ready to work with human participants. (By completing this application, you are confirming that you will be submitting a full application at a later date.)
Step 2- Submit the application
  • Request to Release Funds: Any time
  • Full Protocols: Two weeks prior to scheduled REB meeting date
  • Full Protocols - Minimal Risk: Any time
  • Course Approvals: Two months before course commencement
  • Administrative Reviews: Any time
Submit your application to the Research Ethics Board at
Step 3 - REB Review of the application

The REB will review the application and determine if all information is provided and meets ethical requirements.

Step 4 - The Research Ethics Office will contact you

Comments from the REB reviewers will be provided to you by the REB Co-Chair(s).

Step 5- Revise and re-submit back to the Research Ethics Office
  • Make your changes in bold and/or underline or in different font color  on the original application.
  • Include with your application a summary of all the changes that have been made to the application - indicating what has been deleted, added or modified. (this will facilitate and expedite the review of your changes)
  • Submit the revised application to (if applicable, cc: your research supervisor).
Step 6- The Research Ethics Office will contact you

Make additional changes if required (follow step 4, above). If all changes were acceptable, you will receive clearance for your project. (A clearance form in pdf format will be emailed to you.)  Note: You cannot start your research until you receive this form.

Step 7- Complete an Annual Status Report (Renewal or Closure) - Form 5A and 5B

The form must be completed at the following two times:

Once a year to renew:

  • All ethics approvals are only valid for 1 year from date of REB approval on your certificate. You must renew or complete your project before this date. 
  • Faculty/other researchers:  renewals  must be within 30 days of the end of the valid period of your ethics approval. Form 5A (Annual Renewal Form)
  • Students: April 1

Once your project is complete: Final Reporting-Study Closure Form 5B

Appeals process
  • Details of the appeals process and steps to be taken are summarized here.
  • A framework for cooperation between Aurora College's Research Ethics Committee and the Yukon University Research Ethics Board was established in January 2016 to provide support on appeals. This allows for a designated external committee to review research ethics appeals should it be necessary