COVID-19 information and updates

The YukonU ACC continue to monitor the local, territorial, and global situation, adapting our work and communications based on information and recommendations by Yukon Government and other agencies.  The latest YukonU COVID-19 response information here

Government of Canada - Information about Animals and COVID-19

The virus that causes COVID-19 is different from other coronaviruses that affect domestic animals. Learn how to keep pets and livestock, as well as yourself, safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. This site contains information about:

  • Risk of animals spreading COVID-19 to people
  • Pets and COVID-19
  • Livestock and other farmed animals
  • Tests for COVID-19 in animals
  • Vaccine against COVID-19 for animals
  • Importing animals
  • Availability of animal health products
  • Information and guidance for veterinarians