Mandatory Training

All personnel involved in animal-based research and teaching must be knowledgeable and adequately trained in the principles of humane experimental science and ethical issues associated with the use of animals, including the Three Rs tenet (replacement, reduction and refinement).

All students, staff and faculty who have no previous experience in animal care are required to take mandatory training prior to conducting research or teaching.

This mandatory training is currently being provided to YukonU faculty, staff and students by the University of Saskatchewan Animal Care and Research Support: Education and Training section. This training is offered at a cost of $100. YukonU will cover this registration costs for our employees and students. You must contact the Research Ethics Coordinator to make the necessary arrangements for your enrollment in the appropriate training program (Wildlife or Fish Course).  

If you have already completed similar training you need to provide details of this by completing the Evidence of Skills and Training Form

Other Training and Educational information

The Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC) provides training events (national workshops and webinars) and training modules.

Access to the CCAC training modules available at

The Institutional Animal User Training program is provided through Research Services. You should contact the Research Ethics Office for more information on training resources and determining requirements.