Protocol review process

All research and teaching activities involving animals requires YukonU ACC approval prior to the starting the activity as per CCAC and Yukon University policy.

Before starting any activity involving animals an animal use protocol (AUP) form must be submitted to the ACC. Protocols are reviewed with regard the ethical use and treatment of animals in all aspects of procedures that might be proposed by applicants. Protocols submitted to the ACC must include sufficient details written in non-technical language, to describe and justify the research or teaching methods to be used.

Before submitting an AUP to the ACC for approvals you are required to have one of the following:

  1. Scientific merit review for a research project
  2. Pedagogical merit review for a teaching/training activities involving animals

(see details in Forms and Guidelines section)

Details of YukonU ACC review procedures here.

ACC Review Process

Expected Review Turnaround Time:  6-8 weeks.  Planning ahead is important. Review the ACC meeting schedule to ensure your submission can be reviewed before any animal activities are to be done. 

All protocol approvals by the ACC are good for 1 year with 3 yearly renewals (total of 4 years).  After 3 renewals a new protocol submission is required.