COVID-19 response information

Crucial information
  • COVID Operation plan, as approved by Yukon Government, for Yukon University.
  • All staff, students and public entering public areas of any YukonU building must wear a mask and sanitize their hands. If you do not have a mask, disposable masks are available at the Welcome Desk.
  • Access to the main Ayamdigut campus building is restricted to employees and students only. Credit students will require current ID cards. See Access and ID Card sections below for more details.
  • Fall 2020 credit program classes are mostly being delivered online. Science, Nursing labs, SOVA studio and Trades shops classes, and some Continuing Studies courses will be in-person with reduced class sizes.
  • Student support services are available in-person in the Kaff at Ayamdigut campus. Supports are also available virtuallysee the Connect2YukonU page for ways to connect and schedule.
  • Everyone accessing campus is expected to practice the safe six steps and do their part to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Last updated: Nov. 23, 2020 - 10:34 am

Access to YukonU buildings

All COVID-related health and safety measures and contract tracing protocols are in place to protect the health and safety of our students, employees and the respective communities they operate in. If you are unwilling to respect and cooperate with our measures you may be asked to leave.  

All staff, students and public entering public areas of any YukonU building must wear a mask and sanitize their hands. If you do not have a mask, disposable masks are available at the Welcome Desk.

Everyone accessing a YukonU building is expected to practice the safe six steps and do their part to stop the spread of COVID-19.  

As there are more services available in the Ayamdigut Campus main building and more people requiring access to it, we must adopt stricter protocols around access, movement and cleaning within this building, compared with our other buildings.

Please become familiar with the protocols for the specific building you need to access. Contact your program or check registration information for more details.

YukonU COVID-related health and safety measures have been developed in consultation with the Yukon Chief Medical Office of Health.


Ayamdigut Campus Main Building

The main campus building remains closed to the general public and access is restricted to students and employees.

In order to maintain COVID health and safety guidelines and contract tracing protocols, everyone accessing the main building must:

  • enter through entrance 1 (Welcome Centre) or entrance 5 (staff parking lot)  
  • sign in with Safety & Security  
  • fill out and sign a COVID-19 info sheet
  • must wear a mask and sanitize their hands upon entering

Credit program students and YukonU employees must always in possession of current ID cards. See below for how to obtain your ID card.

Students accessing this building for short Continuing Studies courses of one-to-five days (First Aid, Northern Institute of Social Justice, professional/personal development, YWWOP, contract training) DO NOT require ID cards. Please check your registration info for building access details.

The use of face masks are required in all public areas. Disposable masks are available from Safety & Security at the Welcome Centre, the Innovation Commons and classrooms where they are required.

Limited food service: The Kinnikinnick Kaff and Bistro will remain closed. The Campus Store is open weekdays from 10am-2pm with merchandise, books, snacks and baked goods available.

Safety & Security staff are on campus 24/7 stationed at the Welcome Centre.  


CNIM/Research buildings at Ayamdigut Campus 

These buildings remain closed to the general public and access is restricted.

In order to maintain COVID health and safety guidelines and contract tracing protocols, employees and students accessing the main building must:

  • contact Safety & Security when you enter the building
  • fill out and sign a COVID-19 info sheet
  • must wear a mask and sanitize their hands upon entering

The use of face masks are required in all public areas.

Disposable masks are available from the reception/admin area.


Community Campuses

These buildings are open to the general public.

In order to maintain COVID health and safety guidelines and contract tracing protocols, everyone accessing the main building must:

  • sign in with reception/admin area
  • fill out and sign a COVID-19 info sheet
  • must wear a mask and sanitize their hands upon entering

The use of face masks are required in all public areas. Disposable masks may be available from reception. Please bring your own mask if possible.

Please check campus webpages for hours of operation and available services.


School of Visual Art (Dawson City)

This building is not open to the general public, only to employees and students. Please email if you’re not an employee or students and require in-person access.

In order to maintain COVID health and safety guidelines and contract tracing protocols, everyone accessing the main building must:

  • sign in with reception/admin area
  • fill out and sign a COVID-19 info sheet
  • must wear a mask and sanitize their hands upon entering

The use of face masks are required in all public areas. Disposable masks may be available from reception. Please bring your own mask if possible.

Please visit Yukon School of Visual Arts (SOVA) for hours of operation and available services.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I+E) at NorthLight Innovation (2nd Ave, Whitehorse)

This building is open to the general public.

In order to maintain COVID health and safety guidelines and contract tracing protocols, everyone accessing the main building must:

  • sign in with I+E reception
  • fill out and sign a COVID-19 info sheet
  • must wear a mask and sanitize their hands upon entering

The use of face masks are required in all public areas. Disposable masks may be available from reception. Please bring your own mask if possible.

Please check the I+E webpage for hours of operation and available services.

ID Cards for Ayamdigut Campus main building

When accessing the Ayamdigut Campus main building, credit program students and YukonU employees will need to present a current ID.

This helps us remain aware of who and how many students and employees are in the building, which then informs deep cleaning protocols, distancing guidelines, contact tracing, and emergency or evacuation procedures.

For full time students in Whitehorse, your student ID also functions as a transit pass between September and May.

Employee ID cards will be available later in September.

Please use Entrance #5 accessible from the back (staff) parking lot during the hours listed below. You will be asked to show picture ID, provide your student/employee ID # and are required to fill out and sign a COVID info sheet. You will then have your photo taken and be given your ID card.  

ID Card hours: August 27 – September 19, 2020
  • Mon, Tues, Thurs: 10am-5pm
  • Wed: 10am-7pm
  • Fri: 1-4 pm
  • Sat: 12-4 pm

Campus Housing

Students living on campus are required to follow all Yukon Government health measures (including the Safe Six) as well as any other measures implemented by Yukon University. 

All occupants will be provided with a hand-out of COVID-specific measures upon move in and will receive updates via email as measures change throughout the academic year.

Examples of health measures in place for students living on campus, include: 

  • Restrictions on guests and unit to unit visitation
  • Restrictions on room changes and unit transfers
  • Enforcement of physical distancing
  • Capacity limits in common areas
  • Separation of spaces for food preparation and eating
  • Assignment of specific washroom facilities in dorm buildings
  • Increased cleaning and disinfecting of the buildings and common areas
  • Increased responsibility for students to clean their own living space
  • Increased focus on personal hygiene, including hand washing, sanitization and respiratory etiquette
  • Introduction of roommate agreements (optional) that include items such as food sharing, hygiene and what to do if someone gets sick.

Should you need to visit the Campus Housing Office in person, please keep the following in mind:

  • Access is restricted to one entryway (external door facing the staff parking lot)
  • Capacity is limited to one person at a time
  • Hands need to be sanitized upon entry
  • Proper physical distance needs to be maintained (6 ft apart) at all times

Do NOT visit in-person if you are feeling unwell. remain in your unit and call 867 668 8731 for assistance.

  • A guest ban is in effect in all Campus Housing buildings. Only registered occupants and authorized persons and personnel are permitted entry. 
  • Preventative measures we are all taking remain vitally important to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in Yukon. Stay informed of evolving measures to protect Yukoners. Be aware that public health orders from the CMOH, including physical distancing, are now the law.

Applications to Campus Housing now open

We are now accepting applications for Fall 2020 and Winter 2021. Campus Housing is maintaining a lower occupancy capacity for this academic year so space is limited.

Campus Housing application forms and guidelines and are now online, please visit the Campus Housing webpage. Questions: Email the Campus Housing Team or call 867 668 873.


If you're moving to YukonU from out of Territory, it's important to understand all travel restrictions prior to your arrival.

The most up to date information, including border restrictions and what documents are required in order to enter, can be found at

  • Please ensure you travel with a copy of your registration confirmation in case requested upon entry to Yukon.
  • Additionally, if you're not a resident of BC, NWT or Nunavut, or you've travelled outside those jurisdictions in the 14 days prior to entering Yukon, you MUST self-isolate in Whitehorse for 14 days upon arrival.
  • Students cannot isolate in Campus Housing.
  • Individuals are responsible for arranging and covering the cost of their own self-isolation accommodation.
  • People cannot self-isolate at a Government of Yukon campground, but can self-isolate in a hotel or similar accommodation. If you require assistance with arranging a self-isolation plan, email the Yukon government at:
  • If you are required to self-isolate for 14 days before moving into Campus Housing, the Campus Housing Office requires a copy of your isolation plan. Please email with a copy of the isolation plan you will be providing at the border, as well as a copy of your flight or travel itinerary and accommodation booking.
  • The Campus Housing Office will issue you a letter confirming that you have secured accommodation for after your self-isolation period is complete.

International students

The YukonU International website and 2020-21 International student handbook have updated information on travelling to Yukon, self-isolation planning and what you need to know about YukonU in the time of COVID-19.

New international student applications

International Education is currently accepting new applications for Winter and Spring 2021 semesters. International application process & timelines.

If you have any questions, please contact:

International travel restrictions

Please check Government of Canada travel restrictions and study permit process during the COVID-19 pandemic response and plan accordingly.

Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB)

  • The intent of this benefit is to support workers in the Canadian labour force. Workers who reside in Canada but who are not citizens or permanent residents, including temporary foreign workers and international students, may be eligible to receive the benefit if they stop working for reasons related to COVID-19 and meet the other eligibility criteria.
  • Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada has translated 10 questions and answers about CERB into multiple languages so that international students and others can get the information they need, in the language they are most comfortable with.

COVID-19 resources

Experiencing Symptoms?

  • If you have called Yukon Communicable Disease Control (867.667.8323) about your symptoms and are advised to get tested for COVID-19, the test is free of charge for international students as well.
  • Please contact Briana, International Student Advisor, if you have any questions at

Research Ethics Board (REB)

  • The REB continues to be available to researchers, students and study participants. 
  • You can reach the REB by email, contacting the Research Ethics Coordinator or call 867 668 8857. These are monitored daily. 
  • The REB is providing guidance during the COVID 19 pandemic. Current details are available on the research ethics webpage.
  • The REB will continue to respond to requests regarding research ethics applications, study modifications or adverse events.
  • Researchers should suspend, delay or use alternative methods for research projects that would normally include in-person recruitment or data collection until the Yukon Government Public Health Emergency is over (

Support services for students

Whether you're a new or returning student, we're here for you!

From admissions to academic supports to student services and everything in between, our dedicated Connect2YukonU team is available to provide the one-on-one support and information you need for the year ahead.

Let’s connect! 

  • Hours of service vary Mon-Fri including some evenings
  • NEW! In-person in the Kaff at Ayamdigut campus
  • Chime in virtually via Zoom (check schedule here) 
  • Text 867334 6749 
  • Call 867 668 8720 or toll-free 1 800 661 0505

The Academic Support Centre, tutoring, academic advising, Library Services, Learning Assistance Centre, Testing Centre, Elders on Campus, International student support, personal counselling and the student engagement coordinator can all be accessed both in-person at Ayamdigut and at a distance.

Food and Financial Aid

If you require more resources or have other questions, please reach out to Financial Aid Advisor Bunne Palamar - book an appointment.

Here is some information for accessing the food bank and other options, and possible financial aid/funding:

  1. Whitehorse Foodbank: (open the following hours):
    Tues: 10am – 12:45pm & 3pm – 4:45pm
    Wed: 10am – 12pm FAMILIES ONLY
    Thurs: 10am – 12:45pm & 3pm – 4:45pm

  2. Meal to Go service: From the main door of the Whitehorse Food Bank. Everyday, Monday to Sunday, anyone can picked up a bagged lunch between 1-2pm and/or a bagged dinner between 5:30-6:30pm. The Whitehorse Emergency Shelter has Partnered with the Boys and Girls Club of Yukon, Anti Poverty Coalition and the Whitehorse Food Bank to set up this service.

  3. Canada Student Loans info click and then go to the Canada Student Loans link under for individuals:

  4. Students should also check with their provincial/territory or First Nations funders that they already received funding from to see about student loans (see info above regarding Canada Student Loans) or any other funding they receive or are eligible for.

  5. Student Training Allowance – To see if you qualify, check here:

  6. Yukon University Student Awards, Bursaries and Scholarships: (Deadline is Sept 30 for Fall semester and Jan 31 for Winter semester)


1. In-person services again at Innovation Commons

The Innovation Commons at Ayamdigut Campus will resume in-person services to YukonU students and staff starting Tues, September 1, 2020. Hours of operation can be found on the library webpage.

All campuses remain closed to the general public until further notice.

2. Borrowing items like books and DVDs

In compliance with COVID-19 safety measures, access to the physical collection in the Innovation Commons is not possible. In order to access an item in the collection, currently registered students and staff will need to place a request via the library catalogue.

3. Borrowing Laptops

Students can now borrow laptops for a period of seven days, no renewals.

4. Returning items and quarantine periods

To return books and DVDs, students and staff can use the book drop bin by the Welcome Centre at the Main Entrance of Ayamdigut Campus or the drop box at the Innovation Commons front counter. Students can return laptops to the AV box located at the Innovation Commons front counter.

A quarantine period applies to all items after they have been returned.

5. Using electronic resources off-campus

Access to ebooks, evideos, online articles, and other online resources remains available as usual from the "Search Everything" box on the library webpage. Use your Office 365 credentials to access resources remotely. Instructions on how to do that are available here.

6. Study spaces

Study rooms are available with restrictionsbookings for each room will be available to only one person at a time, and the booking will be valid for two hours (within regular hours of operation). Other study areas in the Innovation Commons will be available depending on the number of people in the space and physical distancing requirements.

Yukon University Library Services communications and updates will be available through the YukonU Library Services web page.

Study plan

  • Faculty have created a series of six, short online modules to guide students as they access online learning. The modules contain advice how-to videos and exercises to set students up for success. 
  • Please check out the Fall 2020 Orientation webpage for info and to put names to faces for supports and services.
  • YukonU Fall Semester credit program plans are available via your program and our May 25 and Aug 3 media releases.
  • Students should watch their YukonU email for updates.


In Fall 2020, most classes will be conducted via online methods, which will include a combination of virtual real-time class meetings via Zoom (synchronous/access at a specific time) and web-based via Moodle (asynchronous/access when you have time during the week).

The delivery format of each class can be found on the Yukon University website. The website schedules have been updated to provide these course details.

  • Zoom (synchronous): enables virtual face-to-face approaches to teaching and learning. These classes take place at specific times - faculty and students gather virtually in Zoom classrooms. Every student will require an internet connection and a computer or other device. Courses, or parts of courses, using Zoom will be offered on specific days/times.
  • Moodle (asynchronous): courses may also include some web-based, asynchronous components (delivered through Moodle). Your instructor will post teaching materials and links to relevant online resources on their Moodle page that you can access at any time. Course details will be provided in the course syllabus. Moodle portions of your courses are delivered in a way that you can set your own learning schedule within a week, rather than attend class on a specific day/time.

Student computer requirements

If you're considering purchasing a new computer for September, please keep the following minimum requirements in mind:

Requirement Windows-based PC Apple/Mac OS-based PC
Operating System Windows 10 Mac OS X
Web Browser Firefox, Edge, Google Chrome Firefox, Edge, Google Chrome
RAM/Memory 4GB 4GB
Storage 5 GB of available space 5GB of available space








Access to technology

Starting Sept. 1, Ayamdigut Campus will focus technology support and access to equipment in the Innovation Commons, 8:30am-9pm Mon-Thurs, 8:30am-5pm Fridays and 1-5pm on weekends. Study spaces can be booked and used on an individual basis. Laptops can be borrowed from the library for up to 7 consecutive days at a time. All other campuses are developing plans to provide access and support to technology.

Safety for in-person classes

If you are registered in a science or nursing lab, SOVA studio or trades shop class or a Continuing Studies course, please ensure you are healthy in order to attend campus and participate in the class. Any special arrangements for your lab or shop class will be communicated to you by your instructor prior to your first class.

Please allow enough time to register with Safety and Security on campus before your class begins.If you are concerned about returning to in-person on-campus courses because you or a family member have an underlying health condition, e.g., are immunocompromised, you may request special accommodation/assistance.

Academic accommodations are arranged through the Learning Assistance Centre.

Campus health and safety measures

The health, safety and well-being of our students and employees are our top priority. We want everyone to feel confident that YukonU is keeping campuses safe. We are following all the required health and safety protocols.

Listed below are some specific measures we are putting in place:

  • Completion of an agreement, that reflects your commitment to following Physical Distance and Hygiene Protocols (PDHP) while in our campus facilities.
  • Health self-monitoring for students and instructors throughout the term.
  • Personal protective equipment or other COVID-19 health and safety measures for each circumstance.
  • Training on the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), when physical distancing is not achievable due to the learning activity.
  • Handwashing and hand sanitizing stations.
  • Detailed document that outlines expectations, recommendations and any restrictions related to being on campus for in-person coursework.

Registration for Fall courses

  • If you have a signed Authorization to Register, please scan/take a photo and email it to
  • The YukonU Online Registration Portal is open for students to register remotely.
  • Deadline to register for Fall Semerster credit courses is September 11.

Payment options

  • You can pay via your student account using TOUCHNET or via online banking. There is more info on the Money Matters page online.

Internet demands

  • Be aware of all demands by everyone in your household on your home internet service at this time, especially when planning to join meetings or enter synchronous classes via Zoom.
  • Examples include: software updates auto-downloading to computers, devices and gaming consoles; streaming movies and TV; YouTube; interactive online games; streaming video games; video calls using FaceTime, Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger, MS Teams and Zoom.
  • Using graphic backgrounds for video calls can take up more bandwidth/usage than your natural background.
  • Check your router settings as you may be able to prioritize certain types of usage over others. Check your device or software settings to optimize or control usage also.
  • You may want to negotiate with household members which types of usage are prioritized at which times to ensure classes, meetings and calls with loved ones are not interrupted.

Second wave

Should COVID-19 surge or re-emerge in the fall/early winter, or if a positive case is confirmed on-campus, the University will consult with the Yukon Chief Medical Officer of Health on appropriate actions, for example, isolating a student who lives on campus or suspending labs/studios for a period of time and engaging in increased disinfection measures.

Winter and Spring 2021

At this time, we anticipate the Winter and Spring 2021 semesters will be the same as the Fall 2020 semester. Our approach to teaching and learning will be cautious and contingent on several factors, including the COVID-19 pandemic situation in the territory, its impact on public health guidelines, and the success of the Fall 2020 measures. Our plan is to start and finish each semester using the same delivery mode. We will make a decision about Fall 2021 early in the 2021 year.


  • At times like this it is common for criminals to use the opportunity to spread digital viruses.  Please be cautious when opening any email or attachments.   

Important links


If you have any questions, please email


In response to the evolving circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic:

(i) Yukon University (YukonU) may be required to add, delete or change course or program requirements.

(ii) academic activities (including courses, seminars, graduate supervision, labs, experiential learning, practica, fieldwork, placements, etc.), may be affected or altered.

(iii) co-curricular opportunities, programs and services, and the manner of delivery of courses, are all subject to change.

As well, the University may, from time to time, impose additional rules, procedures and protocols as it deems necessary or as it may be required to do by public authorities to mitigate against the risk of the spread and/or transmission of infectious disease, including COVID-19, on YukonU campuses, and students will be expected to comply with all such rules, procedures, and protocols (including any measures related to preventing or mitigating the spread of infectious disease or quarantining if a student is suspected of carrying an infectious disease).

While YukonU is committed to providing appropriate instructional and supervisory support and services to students, students are not guaranteed the same learning approaches or “university” experience, or non-academic activities and services, they would have received in the absence of this health emergency.

We thank students, faculty, and staff for their understanding and flexibility during these challenging times as we work together to maintain Yukon University standards of excellence.