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Please be aware that due to the COVID-19 pandemic Yukon University services are limited and campus access is restricted for the foreseeable future. For this reason, Continuing Studies’ face to face courses continue to be postponed until further notice; however, there are a number of courses that are available in an online format (First Aid, Safety Training, Project Management, Ed2Go).

We will contact you as soon as we have a new course schedule.

If you cannot wait for a rescheduled course and need to be refunded now, please let us know by contacting ce@yukonu.ca.

Thank you and in the midst of all that you are doing, please take care of yourself in the coming weeks. 

Sharpen your skills, find new ways of thinking, and expand your options.

Continuing Studies courses can help you achieve your personal and professional goals. We offer programs, courses and workshops in the following areas:

Program Guides

A program planning guide lays out the courses and requirements needed to graduate from a particular program. It guides you through course selection options for each term, provides a sample program pathway and acts as a tool to track your progress.


Title Campus Scheduled
HLTH 004 - FOODSAFE Level 1
Northern Institute of Social Justice
Title Campus Scheduled
ASIS 002 - Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training
ASIS CE03 - Safe Talk
FASD 010 - FASD Informed Support
JUST 004 - Advanced Decision Writing
JUST 006 - Administrative Justice for Decision Makers (Practice & Procedure)
JUST 014 - Grief and the Frontline Professions
JUST 016 - Mangers Orientation to Trauma Aware Practice (TAP)
JUST 017 - Trauma Aware Practise (TAP) for Frontline Workers
JUST 019 - Understanding Legislation
JUST 029 - Introduction to Arbitration Training
JUST 031 - Group Crisis Intervention
JUST 033 - Residential Schools Awareness
JUST 034 - Mental Health First Aid Canada for Northern Peoples
JUST 035 - Self-Regulating Behaviour Using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
JUST 036 - Vicarious Trauma Training
JUST 048 - Supporting Your Staff Through Loss and Grief
JUST 056 - Restorative Responses to Trauma and Adversity - IIRP
JUST 057 - Mental Health First Aid for Adults who Interact with Youth
JUST CE100 - Shine a Light on Dementia
JUST CE66 - Crisis Response Planning
JUST CE67 - Right Use of Power
JUST CE68 - Working in Social Services: The Essential Skills
JUST CE70 - Working with Trauma
JUST CE73 - The Ethics of Helping - Boundaries and Relationships
JUST CE74 - Anxiety - Practical Intervention Strategies
JUST CE75 - De-escalating Potentially Violent Situations
JUST CE76 - Navigating Difficult Client Relationships
JUST CE77 - Lateral Violence - Working Towards Solutions
JUST CE79 - Mindful Self-Compassion Online/Video
JUST CE81 - Challenging Behaviours in Youth
JUST CE82 - Motivating Change - Strategies for Approaching Resistance
JUST CE83 - Trauma - Strategies for Resolving the Impact of Post-Traumatic Stress
JUST CE84 - Countries and Cultures - Celebrating Diversity
JUST CE85 - Mental Health Facilitator (MHF)
JUST CE86 - Conscious Aging: Aging with Passion and Purpose
JUST CE87 - Critical Incident Group Debriefing
JUST CE88 - Violence Threat Assessment - Planning and Response
JUST CE95 - Brief Focused Counselling Skills - Strategies from Leading Frameworks
JUST CE96 - Addictions and Mental Illness - Working with Co-Occurring Disorders
JUST CE97 - Trauma Informed Care - Building a Culture of Strength
JUST CE98 - Compassion Informed Caregiving
JUST CE99 - Conscious Aging II: The Next Chapter - Explore and Develop Your Elder Role
YFN 001 - Yukon First Nations 101 Online/Video
Partner Courses
Title Campus Scheduled
JUST CE89 - Depression - Practical Intervention Strategies
Business and Professional Training
Title Campus Scheduled
CARR CE08 - Navigating the World of Work
MINU 001 - Professional Minute-taking
Title Campus Scheduled
SPAN 001 - Spanish Level 1
SPAN 002 - Spanish Level 2
Personal Enrichment
Title Campus Scheduled
ART 049 - Cedar Christmas Centerpiece
ASTR CE02 - Universe from Your Backyard Whitehorse (Ayamdigut)