Commercial Driver

Student in driving simulator

Right now is a great time to start a truck driving career in the Yukon!


With in-class, in-yard and in-cab* learning environments, you will learn off-road backing and coupling maneuvers, vehicle inspection and chain up skills, and drive on-road on public roadways with instructors.


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Program Description

Commercial Driving Training (multiple pathways)


Activities include:

  • off-road backing and coupling maneuvers - these activities may occur in a yard or parking lot, or in a safe and legal location at the roadside
  • on-road driving along - the student is driving the vehicle on public roadways; this includes short instructor driving demonstrations, where needed.

*In‐class: refers to a classroom setting, including instructor-led simulation with digital or blended learning.

In-yard: occurs around a stationary vehicle with only small movements needed to complete specific tasks (e.g., vehicle inspection or chain up).

In-cab: behind the wheel.

Admission Requirements
  • Yukon resident who is 18 years of age or older

  • Full-privilege (unrestricted) Yukon Class 5 licence.

  • Driving abstract and demonstrate a clean driving record. 

  • Driver’s medical for the class of licence to which you are training. 

  • Commercial driver vision test.

Career Opportunities

A truck driver is a professional responsible for the safe transportation and delivery of goods. Truck drivers are employed by transportation, manufacturing and moving companies, and trucking employment service agencies, or they can be self-employed. They often work independently and are on the road for long periods of time by themselves. Trucking companies often use regional routes, truck drivers will often be driving across many different areas of Canada. Transport of goods by truck is an essential service for the Yukon,

Over the next 10 years (2022-2031) it's expected that there will be a shortage of truck driver's at the national level. Furthermore, the employment outlook in the Yukon for Transport truck drivers (NOC 7511) is good. (Government of Canada, 2023)

Money Matters

Community Training Trust Society

The Community Training Trust Society assists Yukon communities and First Nations fund training of employees.

Working UP Program

The Government of Yukon Working UP Program provides financial support to find work or learn a new skill.


Commercial Driver Knowledge Review Course

Air Brakes Endorsement Course (CE)

Class 3  Commercial Driver Training

Class 1 Commercial Driver Training

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between commercial vehicle driving and truck driving? 

A commercial vehicle is any vehicle that transports goods or passengers “for hire”.  As an umbrella term, it includes taxis or small buses, all the way up to large transport trucks. Commercial drivers are held to a higher standard and must always act in accordance with the laws and regulations of the YukonThis is done to ensure safety for all users of the roadways.

What are the different commercial vehicle licence classes in the Yukon? 

In the Yukon, there are four different commercial licence classes, along with a special designation for hauling heavy trailers.  Each licence class is allowed to drive vehicles in the class before it (except Class 6 – motorcycles).  For instance, Class 3 licence permits operation of Class 3 & 4 vehicles, while a Class 1 licence permits operation of vehicles in all classes   

Licence Classes: (for full details please visit Commercial vehicles | Government of Yukon)

  • Class 4 for ambulances, taxis, and buses up to 24 passengers 
  • Class 3 for heavy vehicles with two or more axles such as dump trucks or fuel delivery trucks, as long as the trailer being towed is less than 4550 kgs. 
  • Class 2 for transit buses, school buses, and coaches with seating over 24 passengers
  • Class 1 for semi-trailer trucks.
  • Heavy Trailer Endorsement for towed trailers without air brakes that are over 4550 kgsThis can be added to all licence categories except Class 1

What is an Air Brakes Endorsement (Code 15)? 

To operate a vehicle equipped with air brakes, you need a Code 15 endorsement on your licence.  Typically, these are heavy trucks and trailers in Class 3 and Class 1 such as semi-trucks, or dump trucksYukon University includes an air brakes course as part of the Commercial Driver’s  Pathway. 

What are the requirements for a Yukon Commercial Driver Medical? 

Commercial drivers need to be good physical conditionYou’ll need a medical fitness done at your local nursing station or through your family doctorThese typically cost less than $200 and are required before you can train on-the-roadCertain medical conditions such as psychiatric or neurological disorders, epilepsy, or heart conditions might prevent you from obtaining your commercial licence. 

What are the requirements for the Yukon Commercial Driver Vision Test? 

Commercial drivers are required to meet a higher standard than Class 5 driversYour vision will be screened at a Motor Vehicle office when you apply for your licenceYou will be checked for visual acuity (reading from a distance) and your peripheral vision (seeing objects on each side of you). 

What are the steps to entering Yukon University’s Commercial Driving Pathways 

The Commercial Driving Pathways is designed to accommodate students and support them through the process of obtaining either a Class 3 or Class 1 licenceThis program will be available in both Yukon’s rural communities and at Ayamdigut campus in Whitehorse

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