Yukon University policies address broad issues that weave the values and aspirations of the institution, guiding the institution in its decision making. All approved policies and their procedures are found on this page.

Operational policies

Give direction to the operations, administration, functions, and affairs of the University and are of two categories: Administrative Operational (under authority of the President) and Board Operational (under authority of the Board of Governors).

Academic policies

Direct academic activities of the University and primarily affect the pedagogical and research activities, and student life.


Governance policies

Self-governance policies of the Board of Governors and Senate


Academic policies and proceduresAcademic Programming

AC 3.0

Development of New Instructional Programs

Every proposed new instructional program must undergo a quality assessment to determine whether it meets established criteria and standards. This requirement applies to all credit programs and non-credit programs for which a Yukon University credential will be granted. Permalink
AP 2.0

Program Advisory Committees

Yukon University believes that the communities it serves should have a strong voice in shaping current and future programs and/or fields of study. In support of that belief, the University will establish and maintain Program Advisory Committees (PACs) comprised of external stakeholders and internal representatives.
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AP 2.0 - Program Advisory Committees Policy
AP 4.0

Academic Program Review

As part of its internal quality assurance processes, Yukon University will conduct regular, cyclical program reviews, based on collaborative, systematic, evidence‐based examinations. Program review provides an opportunity to identify and promote specific aspects of educational excellence within a program and to identify opportunities to improve program quality. It also helps ensure that programs are aligned with their respective disciplines and the values, goals, and objectives of the University. Permalink

Academic policies and proceduresAcademic Instruction

AR 0.0

Academic Regulations

Academic Regulations are a compilation of multiple academic policies regarding programming, learning, and student experience at Yukon University. Permalink

Academic policies and proceduresAwards and Honours

AW 5.0

Honorary Credentials

Yukon University acknowledges and celebrates exceptional service and contributions to the
greater good, as well as excellence in scholarship, scientific inquiry, and artistic
achievement, through the conferring of honorary credentials.

Individuals selected to receive an honorary credential will have a record of contribution and
accomplishment that, while reflecting the mission, aspirations, ideals, or values of Yukon
University, will serve as an inspiration to our students, graduates, and our community as a
whole. Permalink
PO 05.0

Student Awards

Student Awards are a critical tool in overcoming the financial barrier to academic success and to attracting and retaining students. Thus, the donors of those awards are important to student success and need to be managed thoughtfully and carefully.
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PO 05.0 - Student Awards Policy
PO 05.1 - Student Awards Procedure

Academic policies and proceduresFaculty

AC 2.0

Academic Freedom Policy

Yukon University reaffirms the principle of academic freedom as it is enjoyed by members of the University and the obligations of the University to protect those rights.
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AC 2.0 - Academic Freedom Policy
AP 1.0

Emeriti Appointments

Yukon University is committed to recognizing and celebrating the outstanding achievements and contributions of its faculty members and educational administrators and leaders. To honour their achievements and contributions past their date of retirement, the University will award emeriti appointments that honour the employee’s standing of high regard in the eyes of peers and colleagues and anticipate the continuation of the appointee’s contributions to Yukon University past their retirement.
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AP 1.0 - Emeriti Appointments
AP 1.0 - Emeriti Appointments Procedures
FC 0.00

Faculty Performance Review Framework

The following Faculty Performance Review Framework (the Framework) is intended to guide faculty through the review process; align with the relevant sections of Yukon University’s Collective Agreement with the Public Service Alliance of Canada; help Yukon University meet Campus Alberta Quality Council (CAQC) standards in employment arrangements for academic staff and assessment of teaching effectiveness.
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FC 0.00 - Faculty Performance Review Framework
VPA 1.0

Adjunct Faculty, Research Associates, and Visiting Scholars

Yukon College will appoint individuals as adjunct faculty, research associates, and visiting scholars if it is evident that (1) they will provide knowledge, expertise or skills of value to the institution and (2) the College’s reputation will be enhanced through association with the appointee.
The College will consider academic accomplishments, professional experience, or status as traditional knowledge holders when determining eligibility for these appointments. Permalink

Academic policies and proceduresResearch

AR 2.0

Research Integrity

Yukon University is committed to expanding northern research and innovation opportunities and strives to maintain the highest ethical standards in all of its research and scholarly activities.
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AR 2.0 - Research Integrity Policy
AR 3.0

Human Research Ethics

Yukon University expects that researchers conduct their research in accordance with established ethical procedures.
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AR 3.0 - Human Research Ethics policy
AR 4.0

Animal Care and Use

Yukon University is committed to expanding northern research and innovation opportunities. The University strives to expand the culture and capacity to conduct research within the University and throughout Yukon according to clearly defined standards of care when animals are involved in research activities.
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AR 4.0 - Animal Care and Use
AR 5.0

Intellectual Property

Yukon University is committed to the strategic goal of expanding northern research and innovation opportunities. The University strives to expand the culture and capacity to conduct research within the University and throughout Yukon according to the principle that attribution of academic credit and ownership of Intellectual Property (IP) rights belong to the creator(s) unless otherwise agreed to.
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AR 5.0 - Intellectual Property Policy