Yukon University policies address broad issues that weave the values and aspirations of the institution, guiding the institution in its decision making. All approved policies and their procedures are found on this page.

Operational policies

Give direction to the operations, administration, functions, and affairs of the University and are of two categories: Administrative Operational (under authority of the President) and Board Operational (under authority of the Board of Governors).

Academic policies

Direct academic activities of the University and primarily affect the pedagogical and research activities, and student life.


Governance policies

Self-governance policies of the Board of Governors and Senate


Board Operational policies and proceduresAdministration

BOG 15.0

Credit Program Tuition Fee Adjustment

The Board will establish, authorize, communicate and review tuition fees for credit programs in a consistent, transparent and accountable manner. Permalink
BOG 19.0


Yukon University may name facilities and academic entities to recognize support that it has accepted from individuals, corporations, organizations and foundations, (“philanthropic naming” and “sponsorship naming”) and honour legacy contributions from individuals who have had a pivotal impact on the history and evolution of the institution (“honorific naming”).
The naming opportunity will coincide with a new or renovated facility, when possible.
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BOG 19.0 - Naming
BOG 20.0

Presidents Emeriti

Yukon University seeks to foster an active and ongoing relationship with former University presidents who have retired in good standing. Maintaining such relationships allows the University to benefit from the ongoing contributions of a former president and allows the former president to use the institution’s name in connection with ongoing community and academic endeavors.
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BOG 20.0 - Presidents Emeriti
BOG 20.1 - Presidents Emeriti Procedures
BOG 22.0

Legal Services

Yukon University seeks to manage its legal risk by ensuring quality, efficient and reliable Legal Services in support of the University’s activities and objectives.
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BOG 22.0 - Legal Services Policy