YukonU Research Stories

YukonU is a hub for research and scholarly activity for students, faculty and YukonU Research Centre staff. These YukonU Research Stories cover our current research activities - for the North and beyond. Get inspired and start your own research project with our support


This research explores whether insulating bee hives in the summer could benefit the overall health and productivity of bee colonies.
Combining conventional generators with renewable energy and energy storage systems is a big step towards decarbonization.
Dog walkers can now generate electricity and sell it back to the grid thanks to new microgeneration technology.
This data and subsequent analyses will improve our understanding of several cold region science topics.
Dr. Aitken is helping students develop research skills while building capacity for local research around the territory.
Student research assistants developed a wildfire risk assessment model for Wildland Fire Management.
By understanding Yukon’s history with technology, we can build our capacity to serve our social, economic and environmental interests. 
Researchers are monitoring a permafrost slide near the Alaska Highway caused by riverbank erosion. 
Two faculty have recently developed a research project to create and adapt disease models for northern communities.
Reports that make climate change knowledge accessible to decision-makers.