Communities identify their health research needs

Cody presenting at SFN wellness event in February 2023

Cody MacInnis is engaging with First Nations communities north of Whitehorse to form advisory groups of People with Lived Experience (PWLE) who can then identify community health research needs and drive projects from an inside perspective through his role as YSPOR’s First Nations Community Research Coordinator. 

Yukon Strategy for Patient Oriented Research (YSPOR) empowers community members to describe their lived experiences and, through participation, work to change how the healthcare system delivers services. Cody is helping to develop a collaborative, trusting relationship between YSPOR and First Nation community members by engaging in community events and having organic conversations regarding health and wellness experiences and needs. Cody is also mentoring Indigenous youth; providing them with opportunities to help develop projects and learn health research skills.  

With community advisory groups, YSPOR can learn from and work closely with PWLE to develop creative approaches that can increase and assist research capacity. This community-based approach to healthcare contributes towards equitable healthcare and reconciliation.  

YSPOR is funded by the Canadian Institute of Health Research. 

Written by student communications assistant Naomi Dedon.