Safety training

CPR training

Yukon University prides itself for producing graduates who are trained and drilled in proper, nationally-recognized safety procedures appropriate to their field of study.  All students must show knowledge of, and proficiency in, Yukon Occupational Health and Safety Standards, as part of their required mine-related programming.

First aid

Title Courses starting
Emergency Medical Responder
Emergency Medical Responder Recertification
Standard First Aid/CPR-C Recertification
Standard First Aid/CPR-C
Remote First Aid/CPR-C Recertification
Wilderness First Aid/CPR-C Recertification
Wilderness First Aid/CPR-C
CPR-C AED Recertification
Red Cross First Aid Instructor
Cours de Secourisme General et RCR-C
CPR Health Care Provider/AED
CPR Health Care Provider/AED Recertification
Remote First Aid/CPR-C

Industry specific training

Title Courses starting