Courses offered via distance learning at Yukon University

This 4.5 day (30 hour) course is designed to prepare the participants to write their Environmental Operators Certification Program (EOCP) exam for Water Distribution Level 3 or 4 (required by Yukon Government Regulation).

Yukon First Nations 101 has been developed to educate students, employees, and the public about the history and culture of First Nations in the Yukon.

Gender-Based Violence and Criminal Law: Part One

Note: This webinar is a prerequisite for anyone wishing to take Part Two, which explores some of the challenges with criminal law and court in cases involving GBV.

Build on your Microsoft Excel skill set with the introduction of advanced functions. Level 2 will cover how to create and use advanced formulas, analyze data, organize worksheet data with tables, visualize data with charts, insert graphics, and enhance workbooks.

Curious, hopeful and determined to support the folks in your life who identify as gender diverse? Or to just become a more informed and inclusive person? This webinar was designed to help educate and bring awareness to the every-evolving world of gender.

This 3.5 day course is designed to prepare the participants to write their Environmental Operators Certification Program (EOCP) exam for Bulk Water Delivery (required by the Yukon Government Drinking Water Regulation).

Do you have little to no bookkeeping experience? Our course is designed just for you. We'll guide you through the essential principles of accounting and the core procedures.

How do we support those we care about when they're in a bad place; when something terrible has happened to them; or even when they've just had a bad day?

This 2 day course is designed to increase proficiency with the math components involved in small water systems operation and bulk water delivery.

This year we are running two courses WO001 – Basic Small Water Systems Operations and WO001L-Small Water System Operator Lab together to allow for both in-class and hands-on learning (improved learning experience).

Designed for executive assistants and other administrative professionals, this course will help you discover how to apply project management processes for supporting multiple people and projects in a team setting.

Accounting 102 continues to build on the foundational concepts and skills introduced in Accounting 101.

In this course, students explore the written and oral skills needed to communicate in diverse organizational and cultural contexts.

The goal of COMP 161 is for students to become independent and effective computer application users, in both their current studies and future careers. The course will provide students with hands-on interaction with common applications for analysis and problem-solving.

This course introduces students to academic writing, critical reading, and critical thinking through the study and application of the principles of university-level discourse.

Prerequisite(s): English 12 (min. 65%), ENGL 060 (min. B-), EAP 060 (min B-) or ENGL 101 (min. D)

This course examines Yukon First Nations history, culture and governance. Topics covered include pre-contact cultures of Yukon, subsistence economies, social and political organizations, cultural expressions, and cultural protocols.