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Your campus housing community

You are now an important piece of an amazing community puzzle, each person with varying interests and habits. Your new neighbors may amaze you, frustrate you, or inspire you. But, regardless of their actions, you are responsible for your actions and reactions. We expect every community member to always be a respectful neighbor.  

Every Campus Housing occupant is required to read and abide by our Campus Housing Handbook; it details:

  • Your rights and responsibilities 
  • Community Standards that you are required to abide by.  
  • Procedures we follow if you fail to comply to any standard 

We also realize there can be challenges in living with a roommate, or sharing a kitchen, or managing the noise of a neighbor. That’s why our office is very happy to meet with you to offer suggestions on conflict resolution or provide a framework for a roommate contract. Please click here to set up an appointment.

Frequently asked questions

Our Campus Housing Handbook lists most everything you’ll need to know, but, for your convenience, we list some of the most frequently asked questions below:

How can I access the Wifi

You can access the Wi-Fi in Campus Housing the same way as you would access it in the main University building.  
At the Ayamdigut Campus, select the Yukon-University network. 

Username: firstname.lastname 
Password: Use your Office 365 account password 

Can I receive mail in Campus Housing?

Occupants can receive envelopes and parcels in Campus Housing. You will be notified by Campus Housing if you receive an envelope, and you can pick it up from the office after producing a piece of ID; parcels are available for pick up in the Shipping and Receiving office (you will receive a notification when you have a parcel for pick up). We highly encourage occupants to set up for e-billing.

What's my mailing address?

Your mailing address follows the format below:

Full Name
YukonU Campus Housing
Unit#-Building# University Drive
Whitehorse, YT Y1A 5K4

What should I do if I lose my keys?

Should you lose your unit keys or building swipe card you are required to contact the Campus Housing office immediately to request a new set of keys. A replacement set will be issued for a period or seven days to provide you with time to find the original set. Once the seven days are over, if original set is not returned to the Campus Housing office, your account will be charged a Lost Key fee and you will be required to make a payment by the first day of the following month.

How can I withdraw from my contract?

You can withdraw from your Campus Housing Contract at any time, however, there are financial implications for withdrawing in the middle of the semester. Please review our Cancellations/Withdrawals document on the right side menu to understand ideal times to withdraw from your contract and the implications of withdrawing mid-term.