Apply for Campus Housing

Campus Housing is currently only available for fulltime registered YukonU students. Non-YukonU student bookings are not being accepted until further notice.

Fall 2024-2025 housing applications are closed.

Students are encouraged to review all Campus Housing information prior to applying to ensure the decision an informed decision is made about whether Campus Housing is right type of accommodation fit for you.

Campus housing eligibility

  • You must be accepted into a YukonU program prior to applying.  First-year students are required to upload their Letter of Acceptance with the Campus Housing application.
  • Priority is given to full time YukonU students. Part time students are considered when availability permits.


Applications are processed according to the Campus Housing Intake Policy. First year students, students from Yukon communities and students with accessibility needs are given first priority. Secondary priority is given to students from other northern communities.

 Accessibility needs

Priority consideration is given to students whose ability to attend the University is dependent on securing campus housing as a result of an accessibility need. Such needs may be medical, sensory, physical, cognitive or psychological in nature. The Campus Housing Office will work closely with the Learning Assistance Centre to support your needs, while maintaining your privacy and confidentiality.

Review dates
TermOpening dateClosing dateReviews start
Fall term intakeMarch 1July 15May 27
Winter term intakeSeptember 1December 15October 1
Summer term intakeJanuary 1April 1March 1
Contract types

 Individual:  a single YukonU student named as the sole occupant in the contract. 

Couple:  a YukonU student living with a partner listed as a co-occupant. Partners who are also students can be contracted independently but reside in the same unit. 

Children/Family:  a YukonU student living with child/ren or child/ren and a partner or secondary caregiver listed as co-occupants.

Contract length

Campus Housing contracts are not guaranteed for the length of your program. Contracts range from 4 to 10 months and can span 1 to 3 academic terms.  

Your requested contract length cannot exceed the end of your classes (e.g. you cannot contract to June if your classes are ending in April).    

You must reapply for each academic year (Fall term is the start of an academic year).

Step 1

Request your campus housing application

Fill out the Campus Housing Application Request Form to receive your Campus Housing Account log in information. 

Step 2

Submit your campus housing application

Log in to your account, fill out the application, pay the $30 non-refundable application fee and submit your application.

Step 3

Check for & respond to campus housing correspondence 

Check your email regularly for an Offer of Accommodation or Waitlist Notification and follow the necessary steps.

Frequently asked questions

How is my application status updated?

Once reviews have taken place, an email will be sent to your YukonU email account with an update. Updates come in the form of Offers of Accommodation, Waitlist Notifications, Renewed Waitlist Notifications or Confirmations of Information/Interest.

Note: Should an Offer of Accommodation be made, you will have a maximum of two weeks to accept the offer by submitting your contract and paying your Hold Fee. 

What does it mean if I'm waitlisted?

A Waitlist Notification means that your application was considered in the last round of review, but no units were available to make an offer. Waitlisted applications stay in the system for the length of the academic year and are actively reviewed. At least three rounds of review are completed prior to the start of each term. Waitlists are also reviewed each time a unit is prematurely vacated.

What if need to defer or cancel my application?

 Applications can be deferred or cancelled up until an offer is made by completing the form. Deferrals can only be made to subsequent terms within the same academic year. Application Fees are non-refundable.

Can I apply as a family?

You can apply to live with your partner, caregiver and/or child/ren. A second adult co-occupant can be listed if their presence is as a secondary caregiver and is required for you to attend your program. The addition of another family member is based on approval from the Campus Housing Office is subject to an additional fee.

Can I choose my roommates?

 If requesting shared accommodation, you can request a specific roommate(s) in your application. It is recommended that the listed roommate also list you on their application to demonstrate mutual agreement of the request. Campus Housing will make their best effort to approve roommate requests.