Yukon University Gymnasium

Yukon University is a community-based institution and an active and committed partner in community activities. To that end, Yukon University makes its gym space available to external users.


The gym is available for rent on a 24-hour clock. For example, you may book it at 3 pm on a Saturday to set up for a function, and the rental period would extend until 3 pm Sunday. This gives a presenter plenty of time for tear down and clean up.

Booking request


The capacity for the gym depends on the use. There is seating for 294 in the bleachers and 1284 standing. The dining capacity is 802. With liquor served, the legal capacity is 713.

Facilities rental

Gym - non-sports events   $240/hour; $1,200/day; $2,000 damage deposit
Gym - weight room not exclusive $10/hour; damage deposit to be determined
Gym - sports events non profit $28/hour; $140/day; damage deposit to be determined

If required, there are also 9 coat racks that may be rented at $25/unit.

There is no medical/first aid kit available for outside users. It is recommended that clients supply their own kit.