Yukon University Gymnasium

Yukon University is a community-based institution and an active and committed partner in community activities. To that end, Yukon University makes its gym space available to external users where available.  Please note that academic and non-academic internal demands may limit some availability.



  1. Proper footwear must be worn. Indoor shoes only; outdoor shoes, bare feet, socks, sandals, work boots or dress shoes are not acceptable. Any outdoor shoes must be left in the designated shoe storage area or changeroom locker.
  2. Clean workout clothes (including tops and bottoms) must be worn when using the facilities. Clothing must not have protruding metal that can cut equipment or other patrons (i.e. zippers, belts).
  3. Gym bags, knapsacks, jackets, keys, and other personal items are not allowed in the gymnasium or fitness centre. Lockers are available in the changerooms for day use.
  4. The University will not be responsible for damage to or loss of personal property of user(s) and their guests or patrons. If using our lockers, please ensure you bring your own lock to ensure the safety of your items.
  5. The following is considered unacceptable conduct in gymnasium and fitness centre: spitting, foul language, and use of chalk. In cases where the space is being shared, all users must be mindful of impacts toward each others use of the space. This can include loud noises, monopolizing a piece of equipment, etc.

Gymnasium Rules

  1. No outside equipment without approval. This includes any nets, sport accessories, furniture, machinery, etc.
  2. External Users are not permitted to store equipment on campus.
  3. Maximum number of users is limited to 12 people per change room
  4. No food or beverages allowed in the gymnasium.
  5. Age Limitations: 15 and under – parent, guardian or coach needs to be in the Gymnasium.
  6. Users must book time for the gymnasium in order to use it. Please email roombooking@yukonu.ca to confirm availability and reserve your time.

Gymnasium Usage

  • Regulation lines were painted for basketball, badminton, indoor soccer, and volleyball. Any other lines needed must be marked with non-adhesive tape (painters’ tape) or a adhesion-free method.
  • All activities & sports that occur in the gymnasium must comply with all other YukonU Policies.
  • All activities & sports that occur must result in minimal wear on the floor. Equipment such as wooden & taped hockey sticks, furniture, machinery is prohibited. This also include kids’ toys, roller blades, scooters, bikes, etc.
  • All users are responsible for ensuring that they make a reasonable effort to minimize any damage to the flooring; including the set up/tear down of nets and other equipment.