Campus housing fees

Fees outlined on this page are applicable to the 2021-2022 academic year.
Application fees
An application fee is required at time of submission for processing. Applications are not considered until the fee has been paid. The application fee is non-refundable.
Unit Fee
Student application fee $ 30 
Hold fee

To accept an Offer of Accommodation, students must sign their contract and pay a Hold Fee. The Hold Fee is used to tentatively reserve the offered Unit until full payment can be made. Once payment is ready to be made, the Hold Fee amount is put towards the cost of the Damage Deposit. Hold Fees are refundable up until 30 days prior to scheduled move in. 

Returning occupants receiving a new contract are not required to pay a Hold Fee at time of offer. Should the returning occupant cancel their contract within 30 days of its scheduled start, a penalty fee equivalent to the Hold Fee amount will be applied.

Unit fee
Room (dorm or apartment room) $250
Apartment $500
Housing fees

Housing Fees are calculated on a term basis and cover accommodation from:

  • Fall Term - September 1 - December 23, 2021
  • Winter Term - January 2 - April 30, 2022
  • Summer Term - May 1 - June 30, 2022

For the 2021-2022 year, Occupants contracted for both Fall and Winter Terms may stay in Campus Housing between terms at no extra cost.
Where a move in or move out is contracted to occur in the middle of term, Half Term Fees may be applied at the discretion of the Campus Housing Office.

Unit Term Half term
Individual dorm room $2,100 $1,050
Individual large dorm room $2,300 $1,150
Individual room in apartment (500 building) $2,400 $1,200
Individual room in apartment (520 building) $2,500 $1,250
Couple apartment $4,400 $2,200
Student with children two bedroom apartment $4,800 $2,400
Student with children three bedroom apartment $5,800 $2,900

Each Term has a designated move in day: September 1 (Fall), January 1 (Winter) and May 1 (Summer). Move ins occurring prior to the designated move-in days are considered "early" and are subject to additional Fees, charged at a weekly rate.  

At the discretion of the Campus Housing Office, the weekly rates listed below may also be used for approved contract extensions up to a maximum of three weeks.

Unit Week
Individual dorm/large dorm room $200
Individual room in apartment $225
Couple apartment $400
Family two bedroom apartment $425
Family three bedroom apartment $500

Housing fees are due on the preterm due date of Aug 15, Dec 15, and Apr 15 or 15 days prior to the scheduled move in, whichever is earlier.

Housing fees include utilities except for cable. WiFi is included with the student technology fee paid by all students.

Partial and missed payments are subject to a Late Fee. 

Installment payments

Students unable to pay the Term Fees in full can opt to pay in installments by selecting this payment option when completing their Occupancy Agreement. This option provides a set payment schedule in which Term Fees are dispersed over three, near equal payments. A $100 Administrative Fee is applied and included in the first payment. 

Installment payments do not apply to Half Term Fees, Damage Deposits and Ancillary Fees and are only available for those moving in during the first month of the term. Occupants moving in later in a term must pay Housing Fees in full.

Unit Installment #1 Installment #2 Installment #3 Total
Individual dorm room $800 $700 $700 $2,200
Individual large dorm room $900 $750 $750 $2,400
Individual room in apartment (500A building) $900 $800 $800 $2,500
Individual room in apartment (520 building) $950 $825 $825 $2,600
Couple apartment $1,600 $1,450 $1,450 $4,500
Family two bedroom apartment $1,700 $1,600 $1,600 $4,900
Family three bedroom apartment $2,100 $1,900 $1,900 $5,900

All Campus Housing Fee and Installment Payment information can be found in the Schedule of Fees.

Ancillary fees
Administrative fees
Item Fee
Penalty fee $250
Unit transfer fee $25 + GST
Late payment fee $25 + GST
Service fee $25 + GST
Payment options
Website (TouchNet)

Pay Online:

  • Payment methods: credit/debit card or INTERAC
Cashier's Office

The Cashier’s Office is located at the front of the University next to the Welcome Desk. 

Pay by Phone: 867-456-8673

  • Payment methods: credit/debit card

Pay In Person: Cashier’s Office

  • Payment methods: credit/debit card, cash, cheque, money order

Enquiries regarding payment method can be emailed to Enquiries regarding payment options and payment plans can be emailed to

Third party funder

Third Party Funders may complete payment using the following methods:

  • Pay by credit card/debit card over the phone thru the Cashier’s Office: 867 456 8673
  • Pay by purchase order, direct deposit, or cheque by emailing a Third Party Billing Form to

If payment cannot be made prior to the due date as a result of a delay in funding release, the student must submit a letter containing confirmation that you have been approved for funding, the amount(s) being released, the funding release date(s), and the frequency of release to for approval. The letter must be received prior to the due date to be accepted and avoid a Late Fee or contract termination. 

International transfer

The University has partnered with our online payment provider to offer a secure online portal for international students. Through TouchMate, students can make payments in their local currency by either credit card or bank transfer. See  International Payments for more information and access to the payment portal.