Research opportunities in nearby McIntyre Creek

McIntyre Creek

YukonU students and faculty have new research opportunities thanks to a hydrology project in nearby McIntyre Creek. Dr. Benoit Turcotte will place automated data collection instrumentation in the creek corridor this spring, to help current and future researchers learn from a real-world setting over time.

Aquatic instruments and cameras will monitor things like water levels, temperatures, water quality, etc. This will complement current manual data collection, therefore creating a terrific learning opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students. This data and subsequent analyses will improve our understanding of several cold region science topics, including winter hydrology, surface water and groundwater interactions, water quality, aquatic and riparian ecosystems, and anything else that may be of interest to current and future research partners.

The first phase of this project was funded by YukonU’s Scholarly Activity Grant; funding that is available to both faculty and students. Dr. Benoit Turcotte is a senior research professional at the YukonU Research Centre, who specializes in hydrological processes. Follow his blog and learn more about hydrology in a changing climate