Scholarly Activity Grant

Yukon University has established funding for research that will help support its scholarly activity goals of establishing a northern-focused university and relevant niche programming. 
The Yukon University Scholarly Activity Grant (SAG) is available to YukonU faculty, staff and students, including permanent and term faculty (within their term of service) to foster a culture of research and scholarship across all areas of the organization. 

Funding will be prioritized according to the following documents:

Yukon University Strategic Plan
Yukon University Academic Plan
Yukon University Research and Scholarship Plan 

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YukonU Research Stories and the Scholarly Activity Grant
Nadele Flyn

Mapping climate change in trees

Nadele Flynn is researching how Boreal tree species are coping with a changing climate. 
Taylor in the YRC laboratory

Approval statistics for the Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Board

A YukonU student is researching how socio-economic and environmental impacts are considered in Yukon’s assessment process.

First ever publication on the ethnohistory of the Alaska Yukon borderlands

This publication documents the First Nations’ use of the upper Tanana River basin based on ethnographic, archival, and archaeological research.  

Honey, it’s cold outside - for bees 

This research explores whether insulating bee hives in the summer could benefit the overall health and productivity of bee colonies.

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