Scholarly Activity Grant

Yukon University has established funding for research that will help support its scholarly activity goals of establishing a northern-focused university and relevant niche programming. 
The Yukon University Scholarly Activity Grant (SAG) is available to YukonU faculty, staff and students, including permanent and term faculty (within their term of service) to foster a culture of research and scholarship across all areas of the organization. 

Funding will be prioritized according to the following documents:

Yukon University Strategic Plan
Yukon University Academic Plan
Yukon University Research and Scholarship Plan 

Learn more about the criteria and guidelines and apply now at!

YukonU Research Stories and the Scholarly Activity Grant
Faith on river rock

Indigenization and decolonization of the classroom

YukonU instructor Faith Whiting is looking at ways Yukon University instructors are implementing the concepts of Indigenization and decolonization in their classrooms for her graduate-level research in education.

Sara and David

Understanding food insecurity in Yukon communities 

YukonU researchers are assessing food security in the Yukon by looking at the effects of food hamper distributions to communities during the pandemic. 
Jared in two images.

Students explore the effects of electric vehicles on Yukon power systems

Student research assistants were employed to study whether the Yukon’s power system can handle an increase in demand created by electric vehicles and smart heating units.
Tristan and Steve July 2022

Teaming together for forest regeneration

YukonU instructors are researching the effectiveness of site preparation methods that may improve forest regeneration after harvesting in the southwest Yukon.

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