The Yukon University Act has passed Third Reading

Yukon University Act print out

The Yukon University Act has officially passed Third Reading during the fall sitting of the Yukon Legislative Assembly. Once it has received assent and come into force, the Act will set the legal framework for a university in Yukon Canada's first university north of 60. 

The Yukon University Act enables Yukon College to transition to Yukon University. It ensures the university is a hybrid institution that offers university and college-level programming and is committed to working with Yukon First Nations and communities to meet the diverse education needs of Yukon.

The plan is to officially launch Yukon University May 8, 2020 with a convocation ceremony for the first graduates. On May 9, Yukoners are invited to a day of family-oriented celebrations at Ayamdigut campus in Whitehorse where everyone will have the opportunity to “see yourself at YukonU”. Visit to keep up-to-date on news of the celebration!

Following the installation of a new president and vice chancellor next year, the institution will embark on the creation of new strategic and academic plans informed by the new legislation and feedback from Yukon First Nations, communities and stakeholders.

Ton Ullyett
Tom Ullyett

“Establishing Canada’s first university north of 60, the Yukon University Act is visionary in its scope and future focus. The Act ensures YukonU is grounded in the northern experience, guided by Yukon First Nations and community members, and has room to expand programming, research and innovation to meet the future needs of Yukoners and Canadians,” said Tom Ullyett, Yukon College Board of Governors chair.

Quick facts

The Yukon University Act was tabled in the Legislative Assembly on October 9. It includes provisions to ensure:

  • The university offers trades programming, adult basic education and academic upgrading, certificates, diplomas, degrees and applied research.  

  • The university includes, respects and honours Yukon First Nations knowledge, worldviews and educational priorities in the university’s programming and operations;

  • The university continues to meet the needs of rural communities and hears their voices through community campus committees; 

  • That a shared governance model is established, which includes a Board of Governors and a Senate. The Act also expands the Board of Governors from 12 to 17;

  • The university reports annually to each Yukon First Nation and the Government of Yukon on the operations of the university.


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