Transfer credits

Transfer credit is course work completed at another college or university that may count toward your Yukon University credential. A formal transfer credit request needs to be submitted to the Office of the Registrar with an official transcript from your previous institution. In some cases, course outlines may be required.

  • Courses 10 years old or less will be considered for transfer
  • Transfer credit will only be given to students who have been admitted to a program
  • Transfer credit will only be given for courses in which a minimum grade of ‘C’ or equivalent has been achieved
  • Transfer credits can only be used for a maximum of 50% of the required credits for a Yukon University credential.

Transferring credits across Canada

Block transfer

Yukon University has block transfer agreements with other institutions, allowing you to transfer all of the credits from your program, as a block, to a program at another college or university. Check with your Yukon University Program Advisor for block transfer options.

Individual course transfer

Colleges and universities across Canada (and around the world) will generally give you credit for courses taken at Yukon University. The type of transfer credit you receive will be determined by the Registrar at the institution to which you’re applying. If you run into problems transferring any Yukon University course, contact the appropriate Yukon University school chair for advice and assistance.

Provincial transfer agreements

Yukon University is an approved member of both the British Columbia Council on Admissions and Transfer (BCCAT) and the Alberta Council on Admissions and Transfer (ACAT). These transfer systems allow most credits at Yukon University to be transferred to any public university or college in BC or Alberta. For detailed information on where you can transfer YC credits, please see the BC Transfer Guide and the Alberta Transfer Guide.

Dual admission

Yukon University also has a dual admission agreement with Thompson Rivers University in the areas of Liberal Arts, Science and Business Administration. For complete information, please see the informational PDF and application form.