Online Learning Tools - Moodle

The basics of Moodle

If you haven't used Office 365 before, please log into Office 365 first, before logging into Moodle.

Moodle is an online learning tool that you may use for many of your YukonU courses. What the course page includes depends upon your instructor, so each page will look a little different. You may be able to: access lecture notes, videos, and helpful resources; check your grades; submit assignments; communicate with your instructor and classmates; and much more. While it at first may seem scary and confusing, with practice, it will soon seem friendly and simple. The short videos below explain the basics of Moodle.

Optional: Learn more about access and technical requirements of Moodle


Logging into Moodle

This video will guide you through the login process and show you where to get help if you need it.


Submitting assignments with Moodle

There are two ways to submit assignments in Moodle: as a file or as text. This video shows you how to do both.


Using Moodle forums

Some of your courses may require you to participate in a discussion forum. This video will show you how to post your comment and to search existing comments.