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Staying on top of your YukonU email is vital for success

Your instructors may send information, such as deadline changes, class cancellations, and so on, to your YukonU email. If you do not want to regularly log into the YukonU website, we recommend that you set up a mail app to easily access your email and receive notifications when you have new messages.

Since YukonU uses the Office 365 environment, the Outlook app will work smoothly with YukonU email. Setting the app up is simple and described in the instructions below.

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Outlook for Android (setup instructions)

Outlook for Apple (setup instructions)

Optional: Learn more about access and technical requirements of Outlook in Office 365



Some apps to consider

Moodle and Zoom provide free apps for you to use. You can also access these through a web browser on your mobile device. The choice is yours.

The YukonU app provides quick access to campus and safety resources.

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