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Get involved this semester, from wherever you are!

Activities and student-run clubs at YukonU are free and only available to current students and staff.

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YukonU Student Clubs

A club is a student-run organization under YukonU Student Services. Clubs can include sports teams, groups focused on a hobby or interest, chapters of larger organizations, or a support group for people who share certain experiences. Clubs can organize events for students or staff, engage in fundraising and advocacy for a cause, or just provide a space to connect with like-minded students. 

Current YukonU Student Clubs
YukonU Basketball Club

Play in the Ayamdigut campus gym on Saturday evenings between 8-10pm.

Contact Deeron Vittrekwa at to learn more.

YukonU Club

Join fellow mental health advocates working together to end stigma around mental health and mental illness at YukonU. This club has resources, activities and workshops that create a safe space to spread awareness and understanding.

Contact Samreen Ahmad at to learn more.

YukonU Fibre Arts and Craft Club

The YukonU Fibre Arts Club welcomes all crafters, from beginners to experienced folks, to practice skills and work on projects in a supportive and inclusive setting. All supplies are provided for students for free. Meet in the Kaff every Tuesday from 12-1pm.

Contact Taylor Belansky at to learn more.

Technology Club

The Technology Club is dedicated to helping students have fun and learn new skills through modern technology. We're here to create a welcoming space where students can socialize, explore, and grow together.

Contact to learn more.

YukonU Handgames Club

The YukonU Handgames Club will be hosting games in the gym every Friday from 12-1pm starting the week of October 2nd. All students and staff are welcome to play regardless of experience!

Contact Koreena Groat at to learn more.

YukonU Beading Club

Drop in weekly to continue or start your next project and learn traditional beading techniques from Elders on campus. Supplies are provided for free for students. All skill levels welcome! Join every Wednesday from 1pm-3pm in the Samay Thia Lounge. 

Contact Bobbie-Lee Melancon at to learn more.

YukonU Bible Study Club

Drop in weekly on Thursdays from 5-6pm in A2601 to read, meditate and apply God's word. All faiths and beliefs welcome. 

Contact Jasmine Isted at to learn more.

Club proposals

Help get a new club off the ground! YukonU Student Clubs need at least three active student members to be officially recognized. The clubs below have been proposed but are still looking for members. Interested? Contact the initiators to add your name and help get the club recognized.

YukonU Volleyball club

Want to start a team to play volleyball together, or even compete outside the university?

Contact to connect with other players.

Other ideas

Other proposed clubs include:

  • Chess
  • Christian/Bible Study
  • Dance
  • Horse Riding/Equine club
  • Knitting and Crochet
  • Photography
  • Stock Research & Trading
Starting a Club

Before starting a club, you will need to

  • Check this website to see if the club you have in mind already exists
  • Read the Student Clubs Manual (YukonU Student Clubs Manual.pdf)
  • Find a few more people to start the club with you. If at least three YukonU students are interested, you can register as an official YukonU student club
  • Look for a faculty or staff mentor. Although you don’t need one to be an official club, working with a supportive member of staff can help you navigate the University and connect with other resources
Need help? Email for support with recruitment and planning to turn your idea into a club.

To start a club

  1. Fill out a clubs registration form (YukonU Club Registration Form.docx) and send it to

    You will need:

    • your club name

    • a brief description (1-5 sentences), and

    • the names and emails of 3 current YukonU students

  2. Set up a time to meet with the Student Engagement Coordinator to review the Clubs Manual, your plan for the year and obtain official approval.

  3. Ensure all members of the club understand and agree to the Clubs Code of Conduct and information provided in the Clubs Manual.

  4. To continue your club, you will need to resubmit the Club Registration Form each fall with any changes to the club.
Benefits of being a club

Recognized YukonU Student Clubs can get:

  • Help with club promotion and recruitment
  • Room bookings at the university, including the gym and certain classrooms (if available)
  • A free shared locker for your club
  • An official group email and Teams space for your club
  • Reimbursement of approved expenses up to $100/semester or $200/year
YukonU Clubs Code of Conduct

Official YukonU Student Clubs are a part of the University’s Student Services. Clubs are an extension of Yukon University, and club activities must reflect the University’s values.

By joining an official YukonU Student Club, members agree to the following:

  • Clubs must be open to all YukonU students, with these exceptions
    • Clubs may require members agree with a purpose or mission
    • Members may be excluded for misconduct by due process
  • Clubs must not make financial or in-kind contributions a condition of membership
  • Clubs are only available to current YukonU students and staff
Events and activities
  • Clubs must ensure their activities are covered by YukonU insurance. If you have questions, you can ask the Student Engagement Coordinator
  • Clubs may not be used to promote hate, bullying or harassment, illegal activity, or the personal gain of club executives
  • Clubs engaging in advocacy or with external organizations must first be pre-approved by the Student Engagement Coordinator and ensure they do not speak on behalf of YukonU
Transparency and accountability
  • Clubs agree to get prior permission from the Student Engagement Coordinator for any proposed partnerships with organizations within or outside of YukonU
  • Clubs agree to allow the Student Engagement Coordinator to review or audit the Club’s operations at any time

The Student Engagement Coordinator retains the right to deny or remove official status from a club at their discretion.