BBA students support speech and language services company for their capstone project

Portrait of BBA student Donna-Marie Haughton

A newly integrated capstone course allows Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) students to solve real-world problems for local businesses under the supervision of Instructor Dr. Lisa Kanary.  

Two such students, Navneet Nijhar and Donna-Marie Haughton, collaborated with Boreal Clinic, a Whitehorse business offering speech and language services, among others, to quantify the benefit of using speech and language services earlier rather than waiting for services to be recommended. They calculated the Social Return on Investment (SROI) and analyzed the effects of delayed intervention. These students’ work not only provided Boreal Clinic with useful information on their services, but community members by extension.  

Local businesses that participate in our capstone projects contribute to students furthering their abilities instead of hiring a consultant to do this work – while experiencing our students’ capabilities! 

Stay tuned for another YukonU Research Story about another pair of BBA students who also collaborated with a local business for their project. 

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Written by student communications assistant Naomi Dedon. 

[Photo context: Portrait of BBA student Donna-Marie Haughton]