Radon and Yukon well water 

radon testing

Many Yukoners are familiar with measuring radon in our homes but what about our water? 

Mary Samolczyk and Dr. Joel Cubleyearth sciences faculty researchers, and YukonU student researcher Sophie Di Tullio spent the summer gathering radon data. They measured radon gas in Yukon’s soil and groundwater sourced from wells on residential properties in Whitehorse. Radon gas is naturally released from soil and water following the decay of radioactive elements (e.g. uranium) in rocks and can be damaging to the human body at certain concentrations.  

The purpose of the study is to evaluate if groundwater from wells is a natural vector for radon into people’s households. The research team hopes to present the preliminary results in a written report and public presentation later this winter.   

The research project team also includes Panya Lipovsky, Surficial Geologist from the Yukon Geological Survey; Dr. Cathryn Ryan, Professor at the University of Calgary; and Dr. Aaron Goodarzi, Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair in Radiation Exposure Disease from the University of Calgary.  

Student wages were made possible through YukonU’s Scholarly Activity Grant