Turning mine research into a high school course

pelly school

We have developed a high school course from our mine research program! Pelly Crossing students will receive credits for learning about mine remediation in their community. 

Dr. Guillaume Nielsen worked with Minto Exploration Ltd and Eliza Van Bibber School to create a course that explores mine remediation in a northern environment. Students will conduct experiments, learn from guest speakers, and possibly visit the Minto mine site and the YukonU research laboratory.  

Students will build lab-scale experiments in their classroom to try and remove heavy metals from Minto mine water. They will record their results and work with Dr. Nielsen on conclusions. They will also hear from experts in environmental monitoring, water management, mine revegetation and First Nations self-determination and reconciliation. 

Dr. Nielsen will work with the students bimonthly to provide a nine-module course starting in February that will run until the end of the school year. Follow the course this semester on Twitter @YukonUresearch or @gnielsenYT

Dr. Nielsen is our NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Northern Mine Remediation at the YukonU Research Centre.